There was once a little boy

All of one and seven

He picked a tattered tome

Read it and went to heaven


Days and nights he sat

With books around him spread

Faraway lands and castles

Knights and Musketeers in his head


He laughed and cried and sang

Worried and worshipped with them

Twist and D’Artagnan and Fogg

Every adventure a gem


All he ever wanted

Was to imagine and write

A book, a story, a tale

Of valor, chivalry, and might


He filled pages and lines

With stories of yore

Neglected his studies and exams

His life immersed in lore


His results disappointed his family

The boy felt too much shame

shelved his love for books

Focused on making a name


Half and a full decade rolled past

The boy was now a man

Had a job and a family

He took the ball and ran


Seven years ago he felt

The beginning of an itch

The urge to write came roaring

As if he’d flipped the switch


He enrolled for a course

And started a blog

Learnt a lot about techniques

but writing? T’was definitely a slog


Few more years rolled by

The boy was now a father

Nowhere close he was

To becoming an author


Everything changed this April

He wrote a story every day

About family, love, and killers

He had a book come May


Seven long years it took

With his destiny a tryst

Go read his book, it’s called

Tales With A Twist.