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Book Name: Spicy Trail

Author: Shipra Trivedi

Book Blurb: The intent of this book is to give a brief of 26 different spices in 26 chapters. Each chapter has one spice, its attributes, history, and ayurvedic benefits. Get set go on a spicy trail!

Initial Thoughts: What made me pick a book about Indian Spices when my preferred genre is fiction? Initially, I was not so sure. I read few of the author’s posts on the Indian Spices during the AtoZ blogging challenge in April. What attracted me towards this book was the earnestness on display. The author has taken a relatively dry subject and made it very interesting with her wholehearted approach.

What Works: 

  1. Language: Lucid, Simple and Crisp. Very easy to read and the author makes sure not to ramble on and on which I highly appreciate.
  2. Images: The author has selected good pictures of each and every spice. All you need to do is take the pdf copy of this book in your mobile to the nearest spice shop and show them the picture of what you want. Nothing works better than a good picture.
  3. History: How to emphasize on something’s importance? Portray its history. The author has clearly done her research into the history of each and every spice. While the history part will not help you if you have a cold or cough, it definitely makes reading the book very interesting.
  4. Medicinal value: Yes, our country has been blessed with a treasure trove of amazing natural medicines in the form of herbs and spices. Are you bothered by acidity? Why don’t you pop in half a tablespoon of kalaunji (whole onion seeds) and wash it with warm water instead of running to the nearest medical shop for an Aciloc or Digene? The author has indicated each and every spice’s use and medicinal value very clearly. Kudos.
  5. Personal Touch: The author has added her own personal touch through ‘Dadi Maa ka Nuskha.’ Simple and effective home remedies as it has been handed through generations and that is what makes this book connect. Some, you already might know from your grandmother and many you’ll just go ‘wow, that sounds easy and amazing!’

Final Thoughts: Download this book ASAP. Two enthusiastic Thumbs Up!

The book can be downloaded for free from this link. The author blogs at

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