OOPS! – FFfAW175


Circle bottom right, fairly innocuous. Hope he doesn’t cross the centre, let’s see if we can have some fun here!

Cross, bottom left! Alright!

Circle, middle right. I hope he thinks I’m naive.

Cross, middle right. Stupid idiot! You’ve handed the game to me. Circle, top left. Haha, I win!

Cross, top mid! Is he really an idiot? Looks like it. Buddy, you take the next move. Cross, top right.

Buddy boy, you should be embarrassed! I move my wrist in a lazy arc as the centre box is filled with a circle.


I lift my head and stare straight into the barrel of  a Remington 870 Pump action gun. My fingers freeze on the hilt of my pithy Colt.

‘You meant to lose all along.’

I didn’t ask, I just said.

He nodded, I nodded.


Written for FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy. Thank you, PJ. This week’s tactoe is from Yarnspinnerr! Thank you, YS. 

Word count: 137




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