‘Do you like dolls?’

Jeannie nodded, her tired blue eyes lighting up for a nanosecond. Joanie took the girl’s hand and squeezed it slightly.

‘I promise, I’ll get you a lot of those cute dolls once we reach the promised land. Ok?’

Joanie looked into his eyes, ‘Are you sure, Jonny? I’ve seen promises turn to ash.’

Jonny looked into her eyes, ‘A month ago, we were strangers. War ripped our families into shreds. But here we are, a new family that rose from the ashes.’

‘Maybe, that should be our new surname – Phoenix.

They walked towards the boats together.

Word Count: 100

I return to the tribe of Friday Fictioneers after a few months and it’s fantastic to be back. Thank you, Rochelle for hosting and Ted for providing the prompt. Please click here for other stories.