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Take any street, it’s a microcosm of the entire world. You can find animals and trees, churches and sewers, saints and predators, happy and sad people, running fast, minding their own businesses, not really pausing and looking at others and their plights.

So, I know you are not looking at me, eventhough you see me standing with five hundred seedlings, as you pass me by. You have no time to spare for an impoverished farmer and I have to accept that.

I’m going to leave these seedlings here and vanish. Let’s see if it becomes food or trash.

Word Count: 98

Written in resposne to the picture prompt given by Ronda Del Boccio for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. Please find other entries here



    1. He is neither. He’s just trying to send a message. If one farmer vanishes and his crops go to dust, no one will bother. What if, one thousand farmers vanish? Maybe more. This is what he wants the city dwellers to contemplate.

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    1. Yes. In all probability, the seedlings will be ignored and end up in garbage. All he wants to show is what if a lot of farmers ignore their crops and vanish, what would happen then?


    1. Yes, therein lies the problem. We are quite happy to buy the produce off the shelves without a single thought about the ones who break their backs growing them.

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  1. I have to agree with everyone. This is very well done. And yes, sadly, all are in such a rush and can’t be bothered… yet, when they want to eat, they still don’t think of where it comes from.

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    1. Unfortunate reality! But the underlying question is no one will bother if one farmer vanishes and his crops go to dust, but what if one million of them vanish? That’s what I was pondering when I saw the prompt. Thanks for the comment, Dale.

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    1. That’s lovely to know, Linda. My mother’s great grandfather was a farmer and we did have a huge garden in which we grew a lot of fruits and vegetables. But all that was a couple of decades ago. In the modern age of living in apartments, we satisfy ourselves by growing some tomatoes in our balconies.

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  2. I like the concept of the one who can help, looking away, not seeing the distress, the need, the claim of the other.
    Farmers,specifically, as i understand it, have a hard time getting paid a fair price for their food in the current system, and you have depicted his desperation, in that it is not even worth it, for him to bother taking the seedlings home. Powerful indictment, Varad.


  3. Nice question, food or trash. I guess most people cannot identify food unless it is on their plate and they are hungry. Most are more than happy eating junk (trash).


    1. In all probability, yes. But what if a million farmers vanish and all their crops go to dust? That’s what we need to ponder. Thanks for the comment, Susan.


    1. You are correct. One farmer and his crop vanishes, no one cares. But, what if a million of them vanish? Thanks for the comment, Sandra.


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