Superstitions – FFfAW 179


Professor Mehta turned around and addressed his students, ‘This pathway here is forbidden, reserved exclusively for the Gods.’

Praful scoffed, ‘Yet another superstition! This is ridiculous.’

The professor smiled, ‘I’ve always enjoyed your views, Praful. But you do not have to scoff at everything contrarian to your views.’

‘Really, Professor? Why load the current generation with the age old superstitions?’

‘I agree that some superstitions are just that, superstitions. But, there are a lot of other superstitions which have their roots in valid scientific explanations.’


‘Your grandmother might have told you not cut your fingernails after dark. Why?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘It was just a safety measure in the pre-electricity days to ensure that you didn’t cut your fingers by mistake in the dark. Similarly, the chillies and lemon hung from a thread in front of the houses was nothing but a natural anti-bacterial measure.’

‘What about this, then?’

‘There are live land-mines under this small strip of land which couldn’t be removed then. Hence, the no-entry sign. Let’s just take the side entrance.’

Word Count: 175

Written in response to the picture prompt provided by Yarnspinnerr for FFFAW hosted by Priceless Joy. 



  1. heheh I often point out that nail thing to people… many of the ‘superstitions’ are actually based on something very sensible. Of course, some of them maybe obselete for example, cutting nails at night but before chucking something off just coz we think it’s a stupid superstition, we should think of what you suggested in the story. Nice one.


  2. Superstitions are never simple things, deep down there where often reasons for them, this was a well built story.


  3. We are too wont to reject customs without understanding why they came into being in the first place. Good post. I have written on the same prompt as well.


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