Goodbyes – Friday Fictioneers


The crowd gathered on the banks of the holy river was a living, feeling organism in itself. It ebbed and flowed mimicking the dirty brown water and it glowed with spectacle not unlike the river.

Some cried, some laughed, some were relieved, some took selfies, and some just stood there taking in the scenes.

Most of them had come to say goodbyes to their loved ones, the lamps cast in the waters apparently guiding the departed souls to heaven.

One by one, the lamps flickered and vanished. The crowd too.

Tomorrow, new lamps, new crowd, new waters.

Different, but same.

Word Count: 100

Written in response to the picture prompt provided by Carla Bicomong for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. Please find other entries here.



  1. Writing a story in 100 eords is a skill. My 100 word stories also got published couple of times. But I find it difficult to keep them below 100. But you have mastered the skill… Keep it up bro…


  2. All beautiful, but I especially liked your opening and closing lines–that the crowd was like a living, feeling organism, and that all were different, but the same. Nice!


  3. Interesting how you compare the crowds to the river, stressing the crowd’s unified presence rather than the invidual parts. There is something about ritual that makes people behave more as a single entity, and you portrayed that beautifully without diminishing the individuality of each participant.

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