The Cursed Dog! – FFfAW 180


‘Bradley!’ Rubina calls me by my full name only when I’m in trouble, ‘What is that?’

I grin and unwrap the delicate packaging. With a flourish, I place the object on top of the table.

‘Once again, Bradley! What in the blue hell is that?’

‘Glad you asked. It’s an 300 year old authentic Chinese Cursed Dog statue. It brings the owners boatloads of good luck and bad luck to their enemies. Neat, right?’

‘Really?’ Uh-oh! Rubina’s hands are on her hips. Never a good sign!

‘Yup! The old nan in the Chinese shop vouched for its authenticity.’

‘You do realize that its a porcelain statue of a Shih tzu on a donut.’

‘Yes! Donuts were invented nearly 300 years ago. Even the Chinese used to make a type of donut called the Youtiao. Did you know that?’

‘Not the ones with strawberry cream and rainbow sparkles. Tell me, how much did it cost?’

And, it hits me.

‘Bloody cursed dog!’

Written for FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy. This week’s prompt is from Yinglan Zheng. Thank you, PJ and Yinglan. To read other entries, please click here

Word Count: 159






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