Match Made In Heaven

It was a convention like none other – men and women from different countries had come together to find themselves the perfect job and the perfect partner. Few were nursing drinks, and a few were just loitering around, but almost everyone had their eyes peeled, searching for that one soul they could connect with.

Nero was thirty-eight and tired. He had worked non-stop for eighteen years in his organization and had grown to become one of its top executives. He wore the finest Italian suits and drove flashy cars, but he felt an ever-expanding void on the inside. Today was his latest attempt at connecting with somebody and he was desperate to say the least.

Picking up one of the dockets that were placed in order on the main table, Nero leafed through its contents as he milled around, his weary eyes flickering between the sheets in his hand and the crowd, as he searched for someone to share a fascinating journey he was about to embark on.

Men and women passed by, each giving him appreciative glances and hopeful smiles, yet he walked on until he found her. She was wearing a pretty yellow and white summer dress and she looked bored. Nero gave her the once-over and his heart skipped a beat as he noticed her tattoo.

With a smile, he walked towards her, his matching tattoo displayed proudly on the finger holding the job sheet. Her countenance lit up with a radiant smile.

A match made in contract-killer heaven!

Written for #TellTaleThursday hosted by Priya and Anshu


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