I met my estranged sister after two decades and I have to say that we cried quite shamelessly in the middle of the plaza. Growing up, we were almost inseparable until our parents’ acrimonious divorce dropped the figurative Grand Canyon between us. I still remember her as an eight-year-old, the last time I saw her, with her front teeth missing and tears streaming from her beautiful blue eyes. Now, she has grown to become a beautiful young woman, confident, strong, a little authoritarian in fact. Yet, her smile is almost the same and her eyes are still blue, maybe a shade paler.

‘Let’s play that game you loved,’ I sipped coffee and watched her turn a furious shade of red.

‘Really? That’s what you want to do? After all these years?’

‘Why not? Let’s pick up from where we left.’

‘But it was so stupid then, needless to say now.’

I shrugged and said, ‘Mrs. Wheeler was my favourite teacher.’

She winked and said, ‘False! You hated her. My turn, Tony kissed me outside the school.’

‘False, it was inside the school and you kissed him.’

She laughed, I liked it.

‘You considered Olivia as your soulmate.’

I stared at her, nodded slowly and said, ‘True! You are a lesbian.’

She looked at me dumbstruck, ‘How?’

I shrugged nonchalantly, ‘I wrote in my diary that Olivia was my soulmate and the diary went along with mom’s things. I wanted to rip that page to shreds, you know?’


I pulled out my nine millimeter and pointed it at her, ‘My sister would have known why!’

I shot her and walked away.

Written for #TellTaleThursday, hosted by Priya and Anshu. 


  1. A nice story. I think truth of the matter is the sister was a lesbian. That is why the other sister killed her.


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