Not Today

I began 2019 with a nice trek on the Himalayas. We saw the snow-capped magnificence of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third tallest peak in the world after the Everest and K2. After a week well spent in the mountains, its time for yet another edition of Friday Fictioneers hosted by our delightful host Rochelle. This week’s picture prompt is from Dale. Thank you Rochelle & Dale. To read other stories, please click this link

(A pic of the massif is at the end of this story. 🙂 )


I hear footsteps, multiple, as usual. She has company, as usual. I begin my ritual, as usual.

I hear giggling and whispered, slurry talk – as usual. I palm my knife, as usual. She comes into view, hanging from the arms of some guy – as usual.

They start making out on the hallway, she initiates it – as usual. I remove the old plaster and run the knife over my arm, as usual.

Blood starts seeping, as usual.

I wait – she vanishes inside with him, as usual. I apply a plaster over the cut, as usual, and stick the old one on my door.

As usual!

whatsapp image 2019-01-08 at 13.06.41

Mt. Kanchenjunga clicked using my mobile. 



  1. Like the others I assumed this was heading in a different direction, like toward rape or murder. Self harm, especially repetitive self harm…speaks of loneliness and failure to make oneself understood. It seems wastefully tragic (or tragicly wasteful) and ominous, as it indicates the likelihood of worse things ahead.


  2. A tale for telling… as usual. Love the play on the phrase, it’s repetition that bespeaks of so much more that we don’t ‘see’.


  3. A sad tormented soul. The repetition was very effective.

    It sounds like 2019 started out well for you … a trek in the Himalayas, that’s incredible! Mt. Kanchenjunga is majestic, great shot with your phone.


  4. Very, very sad. The title though implies that the usual one of these days will not be enough. And what a great picture in the end, that must have been a great experience.


  5. Dear Varad,

    Thank you for sharing the mountain picture. Glorious as I’m sure your climb was.

    What a sad story. I find myself hoping he’ll get some help. The repetition is quite effective.




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