Three Reclining Chairs Outside Humanity


They gazed at the desolate landscape around them and sighed. Their faces were weary and weathered. They felt old, not just because of their age. Well, that too; they were ancient, but for the first time in their existence they felt their age.

‘Well, that went south awfully quick, didn’t it?’ The man with the long gossamer-white beard broke the silence.

The woman nodded, ‘I still can’t believe that they cast us out, after all we have done for them.’

The bald man smiled ruefully, ‘Let them enjoy their decadence. The end is nigh for them.’

Gods do give up.

Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle. This week’s prompt is from Renee Heath. To read other stories based on this challenge, please click here

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  1. Such disappointments we humans can be! Food for thought- Will God give up on us, one day? I guess we won’t live to see. Will we?


  2. Have you read Neil Gaiman’s (very long) novel ‘American Gods’? I’ve just finished it. Your story reminds me of it, just a little. Very thought-provoking. Love the dialogue.


  3. Nice reveal at the end. Funny to think how the gods might react if we ignore them. A mistake made for many years by mankind. Ancient, in fact!


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