Spark the change


I saw a spark and decided to keep it safe in the hollow of a forest tree. The forest smoldered and reduced to ashes. For that is the prowess of fire, be it a spark or an inferno.

So said the poet Bharathi. And I concur, fire is fire – all consuming, purifying. And a fire is exactly what we need now, to burn the still-existing, decadent systems put in place to control our forefathers.

All I need is a spark that will grow into a raging inferno.

No, I don’t believe in self-immolation.

Let them burn for a change.

Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle. This week’s prompt is from Anshu. To read other entries, please click here



  1. You really crept inside the head of an anarchist or idealogue. I love the line: I dont believe in self-immolation. Purification is definitely to be imposed on the rest of us, not on him.


  2. And as the fire “cleanses” one civilization, the new growth of the next civilization is already taking hold on the floor of the forest.


  3. A powerful piece, Varad. I understand the intent of your character, the frustrations he feels. But, violence has never solved anything and the old ways find their way back in.


  4. Don’t we all want others to burn, while I stay safe at a distance? May be we should start by burning our own selves at the altar.


  5. From fire comes the Phoenix, and so the circle of life. Yet I still felt for the forest


  6. Wow! In the context of India that’s surely an incendiary piece of fiction! What would your young hothead put in place of the existing parliamentary democracy in India, I wonder? Power to the Hindus, I suspect. What a travesty of Bharati’s whole life that would be.
    Good writing, Varad.


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