The Legend of The Scooter Assassin


‘Ever heard about the Scooter Assassin?’


‘Only the greatest hit-man ever.’


‘Yup! Ninety-nine perfect kills. An absolute legend.’


‘You know what his M.O was?’


‘Single 9mm round right between his victims’ eyes, from close range.’

‘How close?’

‘They could’ve kissed him.’

‘And yet he walked away?’

‘You could say that.’

‘But why was he called the Scooter Assassin? Did he murder someone with a scooter?’

‘Nah! He used to ride a scooter to work. Drive close, pop, ride away.’

‘Pretty neat. Did he retire?’

‘Nah! He was killed after his ninety-ninth.’


‘The mark’s posse ran him over with a truck.’

Written in response to the picture prompt provided by CE Ayr for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. To read other stories, please click here



  1. Jason Bourne in Casa Blanca came to my mind. Bourne was not killed though. How was your action hero got killed? Did his assassin know him and ran him over with a truck?


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