They said that he never remained married for long and his wives vanished mysteriously. When his eyes fell on me, I was repulsed. I begged father not to agree to our betrothal. But his wealth, our poverty, and my family’s greed won over.

On the way to his castle, he warned never to open that one door in the cellar. I agreed and we lived quite happily. But curiosity got the better of me.

I stepped in and started laughing.

So, he was a cross-dresser! I’m not like the other women in his life and run away. But he needs a new nickname.

Written in response to the picture prompt provided by Roger Bultot for the weekly Friday Fictioneers hosted by our gracious host, Rochelle, who celebrates her 7th anniversary of being a Fictioneer. Here’s to many more years to come, Rochelle. 



  1. Poor dear, to be given away in marriage for her family’s gain. It happens all too often.

    Entertaining piece! Hope he is not too “cross.” (Sort of stole Keith’s line.) 🙂


    1. Haha! The hits keep on coming – Blue Lace, Blue Bra, and now Blue Bottom. Maybe I should have a poll here in the comment section on what his new nickname should be 😀

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  2. First I thought of beauty and the beast, then Jane Eyre, with the mad wife in the upper room. Much relieved to hear your heroine is in a somewhat less threatening predicament.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sometimes those dark reputations are cultivated for a reason. And being called something like “Blue Bra” or “Devil in the Blue Dress” doesn’t have the same ring…

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  4. Dear Anurag,

    At last he’s found the one who will love him for who he is I think. 😉 Great twist. Blue Lace? Thank you for the shout out and for being a part of Friday Fictioneers.



    Liked by 1 person

      1. Coffee can never be enough. Should I grow a handlebar moustache and sport a monocle, just to stand out you know? 😀 Thanks for the comment, Rochelle 🙂

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