Hate Prevails


‘Do you know that Hamburg was nearly wiped out of the map during WWII?’

My parents were impressed. They had come from India to London, where I worked. I’d planned a short trip to Hamburg.

‘More than forty thousand died. They said that there was a tornado of fire that night.’

‘Why are humans so intent on killing each other?’ My mom asked.

‘Everything is rooted in hate. Killings happen when hate prevails,’ My father explained sagely.

A few teenagers, obviously drunk, passed us. One of them showed us the middle finger and spat, ‘Bloody Paki! Get out of our country!’

Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. This week’s prompt is from Dale. Thank you, Rochelle & Dale. 



  1. You highlight the sadness that somehow just keeps on going within humanity, most rescently in Sri Lanka


  2. Yes, hate is spreading again. My husband was an Indian and our children were born and raised in the U.S. My son shaved off his beard and mustache after 9/11. It’s getting worse in Europe again. A good and timely story, Varad. —- Suzanne


  3. You’ve shown the large scale effects of hatred in the Hamburg reference, but brought it right back to its beginnings in the passing insult of one hateful person. That’s how it happens. Well pictured.


  4. And it never ends. Hatred, murder, revenge, destruction, hatred… Very good story, hits the mark.


  5. Unfortunate isn’t it? One one side no lesson learnt from past war. On the other no one can differentiate between Indians and Pakistanis. Yet we fight.


  6. It is awful to think what people suffered undergoing air raids, whether in London, Hamburg or Vietnam, but other than perhaps nuclear weapons, truly, fire seems the least forgiving weapon. Since nothing that stays in its path survives, one cannot help but think that ones extinction is what is desired. There is nothing particularly gallant about extermination. And any type of threat that hints at getting rid of a specific set of human beings has an element of the diabolical to it, no matter how persuasive the evidence/propaganda may seem against that set of people. Good story varad.


  7. Really sad ending. Easy to forget that while there are those who want to protect their way of life (on both sides), there are also a lot of individuals that are kind, hardworking decent folk.

    Potent story.


  8. Dear Varad,

    I wonder what would happen if people tried to understand one another rather than fearing and killing each other. Well done, topical story that breaks my heart.




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