Bart was supposed to be a star! Scratch that – a superstar!

Coach used to claim that Bart’s mother had somehow mated with a sailfish to produce him. That nickname stuck. He was that quick. Once, he lapped the person who finished second in the 1500m freestyle – thrice. The guy who lost wept openly due to the humiliation.

He’s the world champion now, with golds in Olympics.

Bart is confined to a wheelchair these days. A freak mishap in the pool had rendered him quadriplegic.

Sometimes, I’ve seen him stare into the pool. I don’t know whether its love or hate.

Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. Please add your stories and read others here


  1. Who was responsible for making Bart quadriplegic? So unfortunate. Could it be the Olympic champion?


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