Fade Away

I had always been interested in photographs. No, not the images captured on the photo paper, but the way chemicals reacted to bring out the images and colours on them. I used to experiment too; using a brush to apply nail polish remover on the faces of people in the photographs. I used to wonder how the faces dissolved away leaving nothing but whitish smudges on the photographs.

These days, I don’t remember much. I cradle the old photograph in my trembling hands as I try to recall the faces that once were in place of the white smudges.

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  1. So sad that your protagonish erased his memories. I have just been going through my mother’s photo albums and the memories are flooding back.


    1. It is indeed regret. Maybe he might’ve chosen a different course of action if he had known his fate. Thanks for the comment, Maria.


  2. Such an original take on the prompt, Varad. So well done. Memories fade like the images on the photos, especially if they have been rubbed out.

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  3. You bring back memories of what my mom used to do. She scribbled out the faces or cut them out of photos. The one cut out? My dad, when she divorced him. I haven’t thought of that in years. Good story, Varad.

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  4. Dear Varad,

    Not many darkrooms these days, are there. Everything is digital and faces can be changed with photoshop. A bit of a metaphor…faded photo, faded memories. Nicely done.

    Shalom and welcome back,


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  5. I wonder if he carried out those experiments when he was a boy? Seems the sort of thing only a child would do. Poignant take on the photo prompt, Varad.
    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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