That’s us!

Aspiring Writer, Bookworm, Sun Tzu fan, Himalayas lover, Proud father and a Happy husband – not necessarily in that order.

That’s the short form of it.The long form will be definitely boring – so I will refrain from that.

The aim of starting this blog was to improve my writing skills and learn from fellow bloggers and writers. Feel free to go through my blog, you might come across something you might enjoy reading.

My wife blogs as well. She usually writes about Perspectives and Life hacks for women. You can find her writings at http://namysaysso.com/

Update: Oct 07, 2017

Our little one just completed 2 months today. The past couple of months have been hectic with the new, tiny addition to our family. I have been trying my best to write, read and comment but it’s been difficult.


That’s the new, updated ‘US’.

My wife and I have started a new linkup party called #WordSante, where you can resurrect your beloved old blog posts, get a platform for all the freewriting you do… The first edition has got a very good response, and we hope that it would grow and be a fortnightly part of your blogging.

I have couple more ideas regarding flash fiction and microfiction challenges. I’ll keep you all posted.