One Too Many

Hey Friend! Are you ok? You seem to be swaying Like a reed in the wind Are you sure You’d head home safe? Seems like You’ve had One too many!   Hell yeah! I’m more than Ok I’m just Floating A feather in the zephyr Asphalt and rubber Whiskey and ice Watch me soar Maybe... Continue Reading →


Call of the Wind

Prince Dyaus woke up with a shiver down his spine. Cold sweat was streaming down his lithe, sculpted body. He had dreamt of a red moon, a very bad omen among his tribe. He pushed himself to a sitting position on his mattress, immediately wincing as a bolt of pain shot up from his shoulder.... Continue Reading →

Suns and Lovers

Freddie Mercury sipped his Ricker bourbon. The black sun’s purplish halo cast eerie obscurities all over the empty space. He set his spaceship, The Astro-logger, to a crawl using the ‘explore mode’ auto-pilot feature. Rechecking all the controls and meters and finding the readings satisfactory, Freddie climbed to the upper deck to gaze into the... Continue Reading →

Lord of the Files #BarAThon Day 5

Another day has slowly crept in without notice. Man, how does time fly so fast? I wonder as I get up. My system craves for that extra five minutes of sleep. I have a splitting headache. It’s the booze talking. Damn! I should’ve said no to Sofia when she asked me to join her for... Continue Reading →

War and Pieces – #BarAThon Day4

August 19, 1999 Basuni, Kashmir, India, 1 km from the Line of Control. “What do we name him?” Afreen smiled at the baby wriggling beside her. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at my progeny and his mother glowing with happiness. Childbirth was tough on Afreen – she battled bravely for fifteen hours... Continue Reading →

Of Ice and Men… #BarAThon Day3

“I need Ice, NOW!” Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa Rahul Prabhakar screamed in agony, clutching his ankle. A collective groan arose from the bowels of the Mangaung Oval. The match was tantalizingly poised – India was playing their arch-nemeses, Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup Finals. Chasing 283 to win, Pakistan had accumulated 192 runs... Continue Reading →

Life of PiE – #BarAThon Day2

His name was Esakkimuthu. His father’s name was Pichaimuthu. In accordance with his community’s usual traditions, he wrote his name as Pi. Esakkimuthu. And some smart Alec in his second standard class coined the unfortunate, but obvious nickname – ‘PiE.’ From then on, he was called PIE, almost exclusively. His friends called him PIE, as... Continue Reading →

The Fault In Our Stares #BarAThon

“Bastard.” “Ow! So much vitriol”, Pooja exclaimed. “Who’s the lucky guy?” “Some random bastard of a UBER driver, who drove me once. These Romeos just need a smile from us, to start stalking us.” “Slow down, Shilpa. Tell me what happened.” Pooja couldn’t resist a juicy bit of gossip. Shilpa slammed her fist over her... Continue Reading →

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