Broken Dreams – #FridayFotoFiction

The girl didn’t notice my presence as she sifted through the various designer dresses on display in the chic boutique. She crinkled her nose at some, made disparaging comments at a couple and laughed openly at a black and gold A-line dress. With a disinterested look, she spent the next ten minutes going through the... Continue Reading →

Reconnect – FridayFotoFiction

Coffee Shop, Nervous greeting, awkward hug, mundane small talk, unsure smiles, the ritual completed they ordered coffee. She was dressed in a casual white shirt and blue denim. He looked ruggedly handsome in his maroon shirt. The three-day stubble helped, of course. “You look good,” She twirled a loose strand of hair. “For someone your... Continue Reading →

The Race – FridayFotoFiction

Ram liked his whiteboard. Right from his childhood, he had painstakingly filled it with newspaper cuttings, charts and graphs. All directed towards his target – to be number one. ‘Life is a race and to be number one is everything’ was the mantra he chanted, preached and practiced. He was the best outgoing student in... Continue Reading →

Why? – FridayFotoFiction

“…How did it feel?” “Why couldn’t you do anything?” “Were you drunk?” “Can we get your statement?” “They say one of the rapists was a minor. What do you feel about that?” “Has the Central Government failed the common man or dare I say, woman?” “…Sir, one photo…please…the lighting in this spot is perfect…” I... Continue Reading →

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