Superstitions – FFfAW 179

Professor Mehta turned around and addressed his students, ‘This pathway here is forbidden, reserved exclusively for the Gods.’ Praful scoffed, … More

Car Cemetery – FFfAW 178

‘Grandpa, what are cars made of?’ Al considered his grandson Ron’s question. ‘A lot of different stuff, dear. But, mostly … More

PTSD – FFfAW 177

He sat on the bench everyday, not moving, just gazing into the lake for hours together. No wonder I felt … More

Those Stolen Moments

August 6 8:10 AM ‘Well, this is nice. A lovely little break from the madness of everyday.’ Kumiko smiled at  … More

OOPS! – FFfAW175

Circle bottom right, fairly innocuous. Hope he doesn’t cross the centre, let’s see if we can have some fun here! … More


‘Blue and yellow, not a great color combination, but it worked.’ His hand made languid strokes as he colored the … More

The Perfect Gift

‘What you doing?’ ‘Making a birthday day gift for Kara.’ ‘Making?’ ‘Yeah! I wanted to make something instead of buying … More

Hopes and Dreams

‘Anna*, how much for the Cricket Ganesha?’ I looked at the boy. He was dressed in cricket-whites and carried a … More


Muthu considered the reports and the accompanying photographs. ‘Let’s do a sample dig immediately.’ ‘Muthu, will we have any luck … More

The Prophecy – FFfAW141

“What is it?” Malcolm Butcher, the Director of the Department for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (DETI), frowned at the mud covered … More

She! – FFfAW139

They watched her from their usual hiding place near the woods. She was, by far, the most gorgeous woman they … More

Pretend – FFfAW 134

He sips his latte slowly, pretending to enjoy it. She knows that there will be a crinkle near his left … More

Mime – FFfAW 131

Too much electricity might have fried the internal wiring of his brain. Once a hotshot spy, with swirling drinks and … More

What Is It? – FFfAW 130

“What in the blue hell is this monstrosity?” Jake, completely flabbergasted, looked at his friend. “It’s supposed to be art. … More

Eden – FFfAW126

Two canoes raced each other, covering the distance between the mainland and the tiny islet at furious pace. The late … More