Superstitions – FFfAW 179

Professor Mehta turned around and addressed his students, ‘This pathway here is forbidden, reserved exclusively for the Gods.’ Praful scoffed, ‘Yet another superstition! This is ridiculous.’ The professor smiled, ‘I’ve always enjoyed your views, Praful. But you do not have to scoff at everything contrarian to your views.’ ‘Really, Professor? Why load the current generation… Read More Superstitions – FFfAW 179

PTSD – FFfAW 177

He sat on the bench everyday, not moving, just gazing into the lake for hours together. No wonder I felt uncomfortable. Not just me, the other women of the neighbourhood as well. We talked to our husbands, boyfriends, brothers, and friends about the weird guy who sits for hours near the children’s play area. They… Read More PTSD – FFfAW 177

Those Stolen Moments

August 6 8:10 AM ‘Well, this is nice. A lovely little break from the madness of everyday.’ Kumiko smiled at  Haruto. They walked hand in hand towards the restaurant of the five star hotel for breakfast. ‘You look beautiful, Kumiko-chan.’ ‘And you look handsome, anata!’  Haruto grinned with a boyish charm that made Kumiko’s heart skip… Read More Those Stolen Moments

OOPS! – FFfAW175

Circle bottom right, fairly innocuous. Hope he doesn’t cross the centre, let’s see if we can have some fun here! Cross, bottom left! Alright! Circle, middle right. I hope he thinks I’m naive. Cross, middle right. Stupid idiot! You’ve handed the game to me. Circle, top left. Haha, I win! Cross, top mid! Is he… Read More OOPS! – FFfAW175


‘Blue and yellow, not a great color combination, but it worked.’ His hand made languid strokes as he colored the model plane. ‘Viola! Now it’s done. This was how your old man’s machine looked.’ ‘Wow! I like the colors, Dad. Can you paint my name on the side?’ ‘You have to earn your spurs, kiddo.… Read More Spurs