100 days of Eden! – FFfAW 143

‘If you serve these bloody Sea Urchins one more time, I’d have to seriously consider cannibalism as an option,’ Jamie snarled. ‘What are you saying? These are heavenly.’ Jimmy slurped his approval. ‘Can’t you catch a bloody mackerel or a snail? 100 days of Sea Urchin is not what I signed up for mate.’ ‘Sea … Continue reading 100 days of Eden! – FFfAW 143


Too Much of Anything… – FFfAW137

‘The children are expected to follow the rules and regulations of our institution very strictly.’ Abraham smiled at the stern looking woman who droned on, ‘There’s a copy of the rules on every wall, stuck at a height, convenient for children of all ages to read.’ ‘Very well, Mrs. Shrivastava.’ ‘Mr. Abraham, as someone new … Continue reading Too Much of Anything… – FFfAW137

Mission Possible – FFfAW 125

Mino rested the oars and flexed his tired muscles. The Mediterranean waves gently rocked his boat. One more day and his mammoth fifty day fund-raising expedition would come to a successful conclusion. He had encountered setbacks – gun-toting fanatics in Al Hwaiz, immigration officials in Karatas, hooligans in Girne and narcotic squads in Antalya - … Continue reading Mission Possible – FFfAW 125

Komberi Mookan – #FFfAW 122 (July 4, 2017)

Photo credit: Kecia Spartin “Listen, woman. I need this building. It’s in a prime location”, Ponrayan spat at Lakshmi. He owned liquor shops and was looking to expand. “Sir, but the school?” “Pah! Curses. Tell you what! I’ll give my land. Build your filthy school there.” The proposed site was outside the village. Commute would … Continue reading Komberi Mookan – #FFfAW 122 (July 4, 2017)