TECHNOLOGY [An Acrostic]

Tooth that is blue, teaching the value of sharing Everyday life made simple, all with a click Countries and continents, a ping away Hours of entertainment blanket Nuggets of wisdom accrued from the videos Online we go, to earn and spend. Is that Love you need? Oh yeah, got it from all four corners of… Continue reading TECHNOLOGY [An Acrostic]

BarAThon · Fiction

One Too Many

Hey Friend! Are you ok? You seem to be swaying Like a reed in the wind Are you sure You’d head home safe? Seems like You’ve had One too many!   Hell yeah! I’m more than Ok I’m just Floating A feather in the zephyr Asphalt and rubber Whiskey and ice Watch me soar Maybe… Continue reading One Too Many

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The Prince and The Flautist – #Writephoto

The horizon glowed orange well after the sun had set. The small group of men, well three men and two boys, made steady progress away from the glow and into the night. One of the boys had his hands bound and he stuttered forward between the others, defeated but defiant. The other boy, who brought… Continue reading The Prince and The Flautist – #Writephoto


The Hook Up

She saw him staring at her from her vantage position at the bar counter. She turned, made a nanosecond’s worth of eye contact, flashed a picosecond smile and went back to nursing her gin & tonic. She knew he’d come to her within the next three minutes. He sidled up to her in two. She… Continue reading The Hook Up



She trailed a lazy finger along the contours of his stubble covered chin, ‘Let me tell you a story…’ ‘You know, I didn’t allow you inside my quarters to listen to your stupid story.’ She shrugged her robe off and straddled him, ‘Oh, you better listen!’ He grabbed her hair and pulled her into a… Continue reading Fury

A to Z · Fiction

Z is also for ZigZag (Malolan Chronicles #5.2) – #AtoZ2018

8:30 AM (18 hours to go) Singapore Casey Teo was agitated. The doctors were running a plethora of tests on her over her protests. The reedy night attendant had vanished with his laptop after ensuring she transferred the money promised to him online. Casey tried to find out about the extent of her injuries and… Continue reading Z is also for ZigZag (Malolan Chronicles #5.2) – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

Z is for Zugzwang (Malolan Chronicles #5.1) – #AtoZ2018

Please read Part1, Part2, Part3 and Part4 before reading any further September 3, 1972 USP Atlanta ‘Oh, Delgatto! Dr. Gottleib’s here,’ Lab-coat opened the cell door and sauntered in. Alarm bells started ringing in his head as he found Delgatto unconscious, lying face down, in a puddle of his own blood and vomit. ‘Guards, guards!’… Continue reading Z is for Zugzwang (Malolan Chronicles #5.1) – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

Y is for stories of Yesterday (Malolan Chronicles #4) – #AtoZ2018

Please read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 April 6, 1972 USP Atlanta, Georgia, USA The thin, frail inmate housed in Cell 370 of the United States Penitentiary Atlanta looked at the sun through the tiny window and licked his lips. He pulled himself to a seated position with considerable effort. His nerves jangled… Continue reading Y is for stories of Yesterday (Malolan Chronicles #4) – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

X is for Project Xenia(Malolan Chronicles #3) – #AtoZ2018

Please read Part 1 and Part 2 September 2, 2017 10:30 PM The case was out of Malolan’s hands within five hours of the discovery of Nikhil Taneja’s corpse. Media was ablaze with the news once they knew who Taneja was and how he had died. Sudhakar could no longer keep Prabhu’s death under wraps… Continue reading X is for Project Xenia(Malolan Chronicles #3) – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

W is for the Witch (Malolan Chronicles #2) – #AtoZ2018

Read Part 1 here September 1, 2017 Malolan pored over the huge mound of paperwork that lay scattered on his bedroom floor. He usually had a strict ‘No carrying work home’ policy, but exceptions had to be made. Three days back, he’d been presented with a case that merited breaking all his policies. Malolan’s rotund… Continue reading W is for the Witch (Malolan Chronicles #2) – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

V is for the Video (Malolan Chronicles #1) – #AtoZ2018

June 26, 1973 Koshy Varghese yawned and stretched. His mind was feeling numb after watching three movies back to back. He looked to his side and saw his colleagues were in a similar state of torpor. They had one more movie to watch before they could call it a day. ‘I cannot sit for one… Continue reading V is for the Video (Malolan Chronicles #1) – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

T is for The Troubles of Time Travel – #AtoZ2018

‘Tell me about time travel,’ Martin sipped his cognac. ‘What do you want to know?’ Lyndon placed his brandy balloon on the mahogany table. He stuffed some tobacco into his pipe and used a tamper to press it down. ‘Everything! Starting with, is time travel possible?’ Lyndon struck a match and moved it in languid… Continue reading T is for The Troubles of Time Travel – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

S is for Surprise – #AtoZ2018

'Psst, Leo. Did you hear? Mona is coming back for good,' Nosy little Betty sidled up to Leonardo, carefully sidestepping the little balls and broken pieces of toys strewn all over the floor. He didn’t respond immediately, instead, he looked over towards Don who was whittling away on another piece of wood. 'Should be nice.… Continue reading S is for Surprise – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

R is for Repairing Cushions – #AtoZ2018

‘Dad! What is repair cushions?’ Sharath’s six year old son Mihir had a puzzled look on his face. ‘What cushions?’ Sharath was busy working on a costing spreadsheet and didn’t pay much attention to his son. ‘Repair cushions, Dad! Anita told me about it.’ Anita was Mihir’s twelve year old elder sister who, like any… Continue reading R is for Repairing Cushions – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

Q is for Que Sera Sera – #AtoZ2018

Ana Maria looked forlornly into the Calle 8 that was bustling with activity. There were always people coming in and going out of the numerous auto parts shops on the road. Only half of them came for auto parts. Duvan used to say that one can buy anything from groceries to narcotics from these cleverly… Continue reading Q is for Que Sera Sera – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

P is for Perfection – #AtoZ2018

Sayan Bhattacharya frowned. He had a queasy feeling inside. Whether it was because of the eight cups of cha he’d consumed in the past hour or because of the case reports he was studying, he couldn’t tell. But one thing was clear. He’d never felt this uncomfortable in his career spanning fifteen years as an… Continue reading P is for Perfection – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction · Flash Fiction

O is for Once More – #AtoZ2018

I trudge along the muddy path carrying my beloved’s corpse. The inky starless sky reflects my mind perfectly. There’s a storm blowing inside me. I stumble on the uneven ground and almost drop her, but I land hard on my right knee instead to prevent that from happening. I let out a howl of pain… Continue reading O is for Once More – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

N is for Night Ghoul – #AtoZ2018

It was just after midnight. He stood atop the tallest skyscraper in the city - his usual spot and a vantage point. He sniffed the night’s air and tasted the intoxicating mixture of happiness, pleasure, lust, fear, sweat, piss, danger and blood in it. Every night, he stood there and waited. Waited for a sudden… Continue reading N is for Night Ghoul – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

M is for Mariposa – #AtoZ2018

‘My marriage is over, you piece of shit!’ Sarika flung the expensive Waterord crystal ashtray towards Alex. ‘And you are the reason for it.’ Alex had dodged the crystalline projectile with ease and looked at Sarika. ‘Calm down, Mi amor! I know you are in shock and disbelief. Pero, would it hurt to sit down… Continue reading M is for Mariposa – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction · Flash Fiction

K is for Komberi Mookan – #AtoZ2018

‘Alright children, we are going to learn multiplication tables today,’ Lakshmi closed her book and turned towards her class, ‘If I have three boxes containing three mangoes each, how many mangoes do I have in total?’ After explaining the concept of multiplication, she set her class to work on the table of 3. A gentle… Continue reading K is for Komberi Mookan – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

J is for Journey – #AtoZ2018

The birds started chirping, announcing the impending arrival of dawn. Raghu walked along the lush green fields, shivering pleasantly in the early morning chill. He reached the river-bank and sat down. The first rays of the day lit the gently flowing water with a golden hue. These were exactly what Raghu missed in his life… Continue reading J is for Journey – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction · Flash Fiction

I is for Innocence – #AtoZ2018

Park Joo-Won closed the book he was reading and smiled wanly at his sister Park Ji-Woo. His eyes were half-closed as he sat under a King Cherry tree enjoying the mild breeze sifting through its branches. Joo-Won had suggested coming to the dilapidated park in Kanggye, the capital of Chagang province of North Korea. Joo-Won… Continue reading I is for Innocence – #AtoZ2018

A to Z · Fiction

H is for Help – #AtoZ2018

‘Hello!’ ‘Suicide Helpline, this is Mike. How can I help you?’ ‘You cannot help me, Mike!’ ‘Ma’am, please tell me your name.’ ‘Shut up and listen, Mike! I have only fifteen minutes.’ ‘Ma’am, please let me know your location. I’ll send one of our grief counsellors right there.’ She snorted, ‘I knew this was a… Continue reading H is for Help – #AtoZ2018

Fiction · Guest Post

Matter of Tooth! – My Guest Post

Hey all, This is a guest post I wrote for my fellow blogger Natasha for her blog's 1st anniversary, a blogiversary if you will. Do check it out and show some love. Cheers, Varad. MATTER OF TOOTH ‘Please!’ I sputter and cough disgusting stuff into the gutter before looking at the repulsed passerby, ‘Point me… Continue reading Matter of Tooth! – My Guest Post

Fiction · Flash Fiction · Friday Fictioneers

I’ll be there for you – Friday Fictioneers

‘Dude, tell me about this girl you like.’ Pete sighed, ‘Man! Her name is Rachel.’ ‘Sigh, egh? Pretty?’ ‘So gorgeous, that I wanna cry.’ ‘Intense bro. What does this Rachel do?’ ‘She works in a big-ass store, man. Dunno which.’ ‘She interested in you?’ ‘Dunno, man! There’s this other guy in the scene.’ ‘They serious?’… Continue reading I’ll be there for you – Friday Fictioneers

FFfAW · Fiction · Flash Fiction · NanoPoblano

Sins of the father – FFfAW 140

'Paul, nice facility you have here.' Paul London smiled at his friend. They were buddies from University. Though they'd been in touch over the years, they'd last seen each other ten years ago. They chitchatted for a while. Brian's eyes kept shifting back to the entrance of the steel recycling plant. 'What you looking at,… Continue reading Sins of the father – FFfAW 140

Fiction · NanoPoblano · Vanarapuri

Vanara-puri tales 04: Nila is so cool

  ‘Nila, what is that you are wearing?’ A curious expression hovered on her mother Tara’s face. They were having lunch together in Tara’s staff room in the Vanara-puri School. ‘Oh, it’s nothing Mumma.’ ‘Here, let me take a look.’ Nila pulled her right hand behind her back in a swift motion. ‘Mumma, I said… Continue reading Vanara-puri tales 04: Nila is so cool

Fcubed · Fiction · Flash Fiction · NanoPoblano

Broken Dreams – #FridayFotoFiction

The girl didn’t notice my presence as she sifted through the various designer dresses on display in the chic boutique. She crinkled her nose at some, made disparaging comments at a couple and laughed openly at a black and gold A-line dress. With a disinterested look, she spent the next ten minutes going through the… Continue reading Broken Dreams – #FridayFotoFiction

Fiction · NanoPoblano · Vanarapuri

Vanara-puri tales 03: The young thief

Vanara-puri was a peaceful city inhabited by Monkeys of every imaginable species. Mr. Angad was the Head of Security of the city. Now, there wasn’t much work regarding security. There were sporadic disputes in sharing of fruits and on occasions the security force would comb the perimeter of Vanara-puri for predators and stragglers. Both herbivores… Continue reading Vanara-puri tales 03: The young thief

Fiction · NanoPoblano · Vanarapuri

Vanara-puri tales 02: Suri loses a race

It was a day of celebration at Mr. Angad’s house. His son, Suri, had turned five and a party had been organized for his friends. Mr. Angad’s wife, Tara, had prepared a variety of dishes that the young monkeys liked. Pitchers of fresh fruit juices were kept for refreshment. Tara had baked a huge Strawberry… Continue reading Vanara-puri tales 02: Suri loses a race

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Duck! – Friday Fictioneers

General Donald ‘Duck’ Trumpet looked at the Genie hovering before him. ‘You have two wishes. Use them wisely.’ ‘Make me color- blind.’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes! I would be able to see through the camouflages in the battlefield.’ ‘Granted!’ Duck’s wife cursed him on hearing his story. ‘You idiot! You should asked to become the… Continue reading Duck! – Friday Fictioneers

Fiction · NanoPoblano · Vanarapuri

Vanara-puri tales 01: Nila learns a lesson

  Inside a deep, dark jungle, hidden to the outside world was the beautiful monkey city of Vanara-puri. It was home to hundreds of monkey families belonging to different species. One such family was Mr. Angad’s. Mr. Angad was the Head of Security of Vanara-puri. His wife, Tara, was a teacher in the solitary school… Continue reading Vanara-puri tales 01: Nila learns a lesson