Duck! – Friday Fictioneers

General Donald ‘Duck’ Trumpet looked at the Genie hovering before him. ‘You have two wishes. Use them wisely.’ ‘Make me color- blind.’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes! I would be able to see through the camouflages in the battlefield.’ ‘Granted!’ Duck’s wife cursed him on hearing his story. ‘You idiot! You should asked to become the... Continue Reading →


She! – FFfAW139

They watched her from their usual hiding place near the woods. She was, by far, the most gorgeous woman they had ever set their sights on. Their alcohol addled brains kicked into a lust-filled overdrive. The five men fanned out and converged upon her, taking her by surprise. Within seconds, they overpowered her and tied... Continue Reading →

Black & White – #MicroMondays

‘Why have I been called by your class teacher?’ Aryan mumbled, ‘I hit a boy in my class, dad.’ ‘Why?’ ‘He called me by a bad word, Dad!’ ‘It happens, Aryu. Did you explain to him what he said was wrong?’ ‘No!’ ‘You should have. Good and bad do exist in everyone, kiddo. You just... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays Edition 3

Namaskar! Welcome to the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays. We had fourteen entries to the 2nd edition ranging from Romantic grannies to romantic Sherlock, from lost toys to lost strawberries. It's awesome to see the same prompt being interpreted in many different ways. For the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays we have Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations With... Continue Reading →

Right Angles – Friday Fictioneers

‘Ain’t that great?’ ‘Indeed, Mr. Kapadia.’ ‘A veritable masterpiece.’ Nitin, the photographer, beamed with pride. His photograph of the wasteland near Mr. Kapadia’s chemical factory was being showered with praise by the great man himself. ‘The colors, the waterfront… wah! This photo should go on our promotional materials and ad campaigns immediately. Let those bird-brains... Continue Reading →

Sazaki’s Gift – FFfAW 138

Minoru Sazaki had all the time in the world. The peak hour traffic at the junction before the famous marketplace didn’t face him. The Mediterranean sun warmed his body and delighted his soul. He was looking forward to spending the evening amidst the sea of tourists, painters, musicians, restaurateurs, revelers, sex workers, and even pick-pockets... Continue Reading →

Superhero? – SPF 215

I’m perched atop a 40-storey building, taking in the breathtaking vistas the world underneath offered. The chaos has always fascinated me. Everyone thinks that they are moving in an organized manner, following rules, being disciplined, but from my vantage point up here I can spot the complete disarray they are in. That sums up their... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – Edition 2

Hola! Welcome to the 2nd edition of #MicroMondays. We had quite the blast with the first ever edition - with the prompt 'I AM CURIOUS TOO' inspiring participants to write about cats and mice, tarrot card readers and people planning to dash headlong into caves and woods and marriages 😛 This week's prompt has been... Continue Reading →

Possessed – Friday Fictioneers

The kodangi jerked violently. The village people fell silent in obeisance and fear. “This girl has been possessed by a violent spirit. Nail her to the ghost tree, else the spirit will kill the girl. I have spoken.” The kodangi shuddered and with a howl, fainted theatrically. They dragged the screaming girl to the ancient... Continue Reading →

Too Much of Anything… – FFfAW137

‘The children are expected to follow the rules and regulations of our institution very strictly.’ Abraham smiled at the stern looking woman who droned on, ‘There’s a copy of the rules on every wall, stuck at a height, convenient for children of all ages to read.’ ‘Very well, Mrs. Shrivastava.’ ‘Mr. Abraham, as someone new... Continue Reading →

Made for…

The luxury liner cruised serenely on the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. The deck was filled with an eclectic mix of people enjoying their holidays and reveling in their wealth. ‘Ah! This is the life, isn’t it?’ Sumeet scooped a mouthful of $200 caviar and washed it with a large swig of $1000 Krug... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – Edition 1

Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Welcome one and all to the crazy world of #MicroMondays? Wait! Micro-what? #MicroMondays is a weekly Micro Fiction challenge designed by yours truly and my partner in crime Namy (@Namysaysso). Yet another fiction challenge? Yes. Yet another microfiction challenge? Yes. Yet another linky party? Yes. Well what's new? Glad you asked. #MicroMondays... Continue Reading →

Mynah Inconvenience – Friday Fictioneers

“Ned! Can you see me buddy?…” A rather large and reddish nose filled my iPhone display. “Dad, move the cellphone away from your face.” “Oh! Heh heh! I’m rather poor with these technology thingamajigs…” “This better be important. I have a meeting in five minutes.” “Look who came to visit today.” He thrust a rather... Continue Reading →

Reality – FFfAW 136

Gaia looked at the cargo ship leisurely making its way to the pier. The deck of the ship was abuzz with commotion, a veritable beehive. Gaia remembered standing in the same spot on the cragged road leading up to the port, many years ago waiting for her father, Luisão. He was a Deck Officer on... Continue Reading →

Reconnect – FridayFotoFiction

Coffee Shop, Nervous greeting, awkward hug, mundane small talk, unsure smiles, the ritual completed they ordered coffee. She was dressed in a casual white shirt and blue denim. He looked ruggedly handsome in his maroon shirt. The three-day stubble helped, of course. “You look good,” She twirled a loose strand of hair. “For someone your... Continue Reading →

The Journey

“What are you in here for?” I keep my silence. “You! I’m talking to you. Answer me.” “Attempt to murder!” “Three years, eh?” I don’t say anything. “Three long years! Do you know what that means? One thousand days of you being our bitch.” The warden comes in at the most opportune of times. My... Continue Reading →

High Hopes! – Friday Fictioneers

Alex smiled at the full moon. She spread a fine batik-print table cloth and laid down her finest cutlery on the table. A delightful aroma came wafting from inside the moored ferry. Her Shrimp Pad-Thai was ready. She poured herself a glass of red and sat down with the papers she had to grade. Dinner... Continue Reading →

What A Wonderful World – FFfAW 135

The procession moved slowly, solemnly towards the city center. Men, women and children held signs conveying respects for the victims and messages of hope and love for everyone else. Adnan puffed his cigarette, one last mortal pleasure before his impending death. Along with how many, he didn’t know. In exactly five minutes he would join... Continue Reading →


Andrea gazed with wonder and bemusement at the stuffed toy perched on her desk. She was pretty sure that it was from Aaron. Only he was crazy enough to send her such a bizarre gift. She realized that it was supposed to be some animal, but for the life of her couldn’t fathom which. The... Continue Reading →

United We Stand – Friday Fictioneers

The employees united vociferously against the evil management, fighting for their just cause. The police, paid by the management, used water cannons to disperse the throng in mutiny. With chests jutting forward in proud defiance, the employees made the hose-wielding men shrink. “Cut”, screamed the director. “Good job, everyone. Let’s finish with the song shoot.”... Continue Reading →

Pretend – FFfAW 134

He sips his latte slowly, pretending to enjoy it. She knows that there will be a crinkle near his left eye, the same one he always has when he’s disgusted by something. He knows that she’d be smiling her secretive smile now. They both sit amiably in the roadside café, enjoying their companionship. She opens... Continue Reading →

The Race – FridayFotoFiction

Ram liked his whiteboard. Right from his childhood, he had painstakingly filled it with newspaper cuttings, charts and graphs. All directed towards his target – to be number one. ‘Life is a race and to be number one is everything’ was the mantra he chanted, preached and practiced. He was the best outgoing student in... Continue Reading →


Chandru sobbed as his grandfather held him. “Do you want to talk about it?” Grandpa prodded gently. “It was horrible, grandpa. I cannot unsee…” “Calm down. What happened?” “Remember the school that collapsed some time back? My company wants to build a new school in the same location. While surveying the property, I came across... Continue Reading →


Shaw was panting hard. Sweat poured out in copious amounts through the pores of his body, drenching him. The night was warm and humid and didn't help his present condition. He sat crouched, almost bent double behind a van parked close to a dustbin. He was nauseous from inhaling the smells of putrid waste in... Continue Reading →


Let it roll The fucking drumroll Everything’s good Except the food Fancy wedding Fancier pudding Happy friends with dates Friends looking for dates Band’s ready Fucking needy Girl I love Burning stove Date’s tomorrow Drowning in my sorrow I’m the winner The girl or the dinner Getting a wife Getting a life?

8 September 2017

As a trekkie, it’s only fair. Live Long and Prosper, everyone. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this lovely piece of nostalgia.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Dora wreathed her arms around her son’s neck. “What’s in California? No mishpokhah—you’ll be a stranger in a strange land.”

            “Like you were when you came to America, Mama.” The youth bristled with determination. “I won’t be an alien for long. You’ll see.”

            Dora’s husband Max frowned. “You’re only eighteen. Forget this acting mishegoss.


            Leonard, now an old man, strolled along the West End’s changing streets…

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Why? – FridayFotoFiction

“…How did it feel?” “Why couldn’t you do anything?” “Were you drunk?” “Can we get your statement?” “They say one of the rapists was a minor. What do you feel about that?” “Has the Central Government failed the common man or dare I say, woman?” “…Sir, one photo…please…the lighting in this spot is perfect…” I... Continue Reading →

Profit – Friday Fictioneers

The SUV trundled along the sun-baked mud road. A man in a three piece suit puffed his cigar, oblivious to his companions’ discomfort. He wiped the sweat from his brow with a silk handkerchief. “So, how far are we from the site?” He glanced at the landscape outside filled with shrubs. “Few more miles, just... Continue Reading →


He intimidates me, makes me feel insignificant. He edits my words, ostensibly improving them . I’m no Milton, but I’m good. He cannot accept it. Percy is a leviathan, but Frankenstein is my baby.

Mime – FFfAW 131

Too much electricity might have fried the internal wiring of his brain. Once a hotshot spy, with swirling drinks and slinky girls ever-present in his hands, he now struggled to hold his own dick while he peed. His lips were contorted comically, thanks to damage in his facial nerves. What amused his captors most was... Continue Reading →

Made in China – SPF

“Ain’t it a beaut?” Major-General Shaw gushed over the brand new Majesty Main Battle Tank. “Yes, Sir, The Majesty is supposed to be much better than the useless Leopard or the Black Panther,” Brigadier Tomkins was ready to say anything to curry favor with his boss. “How does it compare with the Challenger, Tomkins?” “There... Continue Reading →

Grace – Friday Fictioneers

In a different lifetime, he was called Alastair Farquharson. This dilapidated castle was his home then. The secret passage in the walls was the escape route from his stifling life as a royalty. It led to the nearby village and to his beloved – Anice. His father didn’t approve of his love for a peasant’s... Continue Reading →

What Is It? – FFfAW 130

“What in the blue hell is this monstrosity?” Jake, completely flabbergasted, looked at his friend. “It’s supposed to be art. Not sure what the artist was smoking,” Chris shrugged his shoulders. “What does it say?” “Well, that’s the thing about art. You can interpret it whatever way you want,” Chris leaned closer to the statue.... Continue Reading →

After Dark – Friday Fictioneers

“Ever made love in open spaces?” He asked her with a sly wink. “No!” Her face turned a furious shade of red. “Do you wanna?” He pitched the tent and fastened the chords. The birds screeched in cacophony as the sun prepared to hide behind the mountains. “Beautiful place, this”, she lay down on damp... Continue Reading →

As You Sow… Friday Fictioneers

“Amma*, I’m only going to America, not to Moon or Mars”, a cantankerous Ram addressed his mother. “Ram, I’ll feel very lonely here kanna†”, his mother was on the verge of tears. “Your father passed away last year and now you are leaving me.” “Appa‡ was selfish. He drank away to his early grave”, Ram... Continue Reading →

All about the hair – FFfAW 128

The man in a black suit watched as the couple lay down exhausted after their lovemaking. The girl’s lustrous black hair was spread on the white pillow like the rays of a black sun. The man’s eyes twitched and his hands trembled with anticipation. He checked his bag and ran his hands over the knives,... Continue Reading →

Dance – Sunday Photo Fiction

“Well?” Daksh was brought out of his trance by the honey-soaked voice that came floating through. He looked at his visitor. She was drop-dead gorgeous in a red A-line dress that complemented her pale complexion.  His olfactory senses kicked into overdrive by her scent – an intoxicating mixture of perfume and her. “Well?” She purred... Continue Reading →

Superstitions – Friday Fictioneers

The huge monolith at the edge of the village became the epicenter of festivities overnight. Always ready to believe in the extraordinary, the villagers lapped up the story of a family of cobras taking residence in the holes of the rock. They lined up for miles, eager to offer the Nagadevathas* milk and eggs. Chinna,... Continue Reading →

Paranoid – Sunday Photo Fiction

A van came screeching to a halt on the street near the dilapidated building. Twelve men wearing heavy duty gear got down and fanned efficiently into the building. One kept a sign warning that the sidewalk was closed, another grabbed a coil of wire and few started unloading boxes marked 'Danger - Explosives'. The vagabond,... Continue Reading →

Moving In – Friday Fictioneers

"Helloooo..." Kumudha winced at the syrupy voice that came floating in through the door. A rather obese woman came inside, panting heavily. "You must be Mrs. Kumar. I'm Mrs. Shrivastava, your neighbor and the secretary of this society. Welcome, welcome." Kumudha nodded mutely. "Oh, you haven't unpacked yet? If you need any help, let me... Continue Reading →

Eden – FFfAW126

Two canoes raced each other, covering the distance between the mainland and the tiny islet at furious pace. The late evening sun scorched down at the canoeists. Sweat trickled down their bodies in great rivulets. But they weren’t worried about the sun. They still had an hour of paddling to reach their destination - a... Continue Reading →

The Cat in the Box

‘Ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat, Inspector?’ Shiva asked gently, stressing each syllable. A man was sat opposite him, hands tied behind his back. A look of sheer malevolence hung like a poisonous fog upon his countenance. ‘Where is my wife, you psycho?’ He spat. ‘I’m getting to that, Inspector’, Shiva murmured. ‘But first, answer my... Continue Reading →

The Loop

Thursday, 8:02 AM Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. He whistled a song completely out of tune. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he gelled and slicked his damp hair to a spike. He felt a lump on his head but ignored it. He winked his approval at his reflection in the mirror. The... Continue Reading →

A Different World

‘That would be £14 each, thank you’, the bored quinquagenarian at the ticket counter droned. She tutted with annoyance at the £20 note shoved towards her. ‘You need to give me eight more. That’s twenty-eight Pounds, dear. Oh dear me, what is this?’ She cried with exasperation at the crisp £50 note that was pushed... Continue Reading →

The Loop – Friday Fictioneers

If you are interested in reading an extended version of this story, please head over here. Thursday, 8:02 AM Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. Whistling, he gelled and slicked his damp hair to a spike. He felt a lump on his head but ignored it. He winked at his reflection in the mirror.... Continue Reading →

An Honorable Man

The evening Sun shone brightly, spreading its merry warmth all over the grassy countryside. Birds chirped in their own mellifluous tunes heralding the impending end of the day. Somewhere in the distance, a dog howled. The old gatekeeper of the cemetery scratched his head, a beedi† smoldering between his blackened lips. He absently nodded his... Continue Reading →

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