Duck! – Friday Fictioneers

General Donald ‘Duck’ Trumpet looked at the Genie hovering before him. ‘You have two wishes. Use them wisely.’ ‘Make me … More

She! – FFfAW139

They watched her from their usual hiding place near the woods. She was, by far, the most gorgeous woman they … More

#MicroMondays Edition 3

Namaskar! Welcome to the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays. We had fourteen entries to the 2nd edition ranging from Romantic grannies … More

Right Angles – Friday Fictioneers

‘Ain’t that great?’ ‘Indeed, Mr. Kapadia.’ ‘A veritable masterpiece.’ Nitin, the photographer, beamed with pride. His photograph of the wasteland … More

Superhero? – SPF 215

I’m perched atop a 40-storey building, taking in the breathtaking vistas the world underneath offered. The chaos has always fascinated … More

Made for…

The luxury liner cruised serenely on the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. The deck was filled with an eclectic … More

The Journey

“What are you in here for?” I keep my silence. “You! I’m talking to you. Answer me.” “Attempt to murder!” … More


Andrea gazed with wonder and bemusement at the stuffed toy perched on her desk. She was pretty sure that it … More

Pretend – FFfAW 134

He sips his latte slowly, pretending to enjoy it. She knows that there will be a crinkle near his left … More


Chandru sobbed as his grandfather held him. “Do you want to talk about it?” Grandpa prodded gently. “It was horrible, … More


Let it roll The fucking drumroll Everything’s good Except the food Fancy wedding Fancier pudding Happy friends with dates Friends … More

Why? – FridayFotoFiction

“…How did it feel?” “Why couldn’t you do anything?” “Were you drunk?” “Can we get your statement?” “They say one … More


He intimidates me, makes me feel insignificant. He edits my words, ostensibly improving them . I’m no Milton, but I’m … More

Mime – FFfAW 131

Too much electricity might have fried the internal wiring of his brain. Once a hotshot spy, with swirling drinks and … More

Made in China – SPF

“Ain’t it a beaut?” Major-General Shaw gushed over the brand new Majesty Main Battle Tank. “Yes, Sir, The Majesty is … More

What Is It? – FFfAW 130

“What in the blue hell is this monstrosity?” Jake, completely flabbergasted, looked at his friend. “It’s supposed to be art. … More

Eden – FFfAW126

Two canoes raced each other, covering the distance between the mainland and the tiny islet at furious pace. The late … More

The Loop

Thursday, 8:02 AM Daksh finished his swim and started toweling. He whistled a song completely out of tune. Wrapping the … More

A Different World

‘That would be £14 each, thank you’, the bored quinquagenarian at the ticket counter droned. She tutted with annoyance at … More

An Honorable Man

The evening Sun shone brightly, spreading its merry warmth all over the grassy countryside. Birds chirped in their own mellifluous … More