Going Back

  I splash across the muddy trail, without a care about my $20000 Armani suit or my $5000 Berluti shoes. My sons follow me with bewilderment, wondering if a coconut had fallen on their old man's head. David, the eldest one, stops me. 'Pop! My gear is getting ruined. Can't we like dirt bike or... Continue Reading →


O is for Once More – #AtoZ2018

I trudge along the muddy path carrying my beloved’s corpse. The inky starless sky reflects my mind perfectly. There’s a storm blowing inside me. I stumble on the uneven ground and almost drop her, but I land hard on my right knee instead to prevent that from happening. I let out a howl of pain... Continue Reading →

K is for Komberi Mookan – #AtoZ2018

‘Alright children, we are going to learn multiplication tables today,’ Lakshmi closed her book and turned towards her class, ‘If I have three boxes containing three mangoes each, how many mangoes do I have in total?’ After explaining the concept of multiplication, she set her class to work on the table of 3. A gentle... Continue Reading →

I is for Innocence – #AtoZ2018

Park Joo-Won closed the book he was reading and smiled wanly at his sister Park Ji-Woo. His eyes were half-closed as he sat under a King Cherry tree enjoying the mild breeze sifting through its branches. Joo-Won had suggested coming to the dilapidated park in Kanggye, the capital of Chagang province of North Korea. Joo-Won... Continue Reading →

G is for Ghost – #AtoZ2018

Her high heels make a rhythmic clickety-clack sound, which increases in tempo as she picks up pace. I love that sound her heels make. It’s like heartbeat… clickety-clack….thump-thump… Ok! I’m not a despo! Please get that into your heads. If you cannot enjoy the different forms of music, well, I can’t help you! The road... Continue Reading →

F is for Finish – #AtoZ2018

‘As both the accused are under eighteen years of age, this court is bound by the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015 and will recommend a specially convened Juvenile Justice board including leading Psychologists, Sociologists, Criminologists and social workers to determine whether the aforementioned accused be tried under the Indian Penal Code as adults.’ The Honorable... Continue Reading →

E is for Epicharikaky – #AtoZ2018

  He looked at his somber reflection on the old mirror stained with age and neglect. A short, gaunt man in a loose-fitting black suit stared back at him. He flattened his disobedient hair that was thinning anyway and straightened the lapels of his borrowed suit. As he was about to go out he saw... Continue Reading →

D is for Dependant – #AtoZ2018

‘Sonny! Get me an Aspirin, will you? This blasted headache is killing me.’ The old woman sighed and took a sip of her lemonade, ‘and get me last Thursday’s newspaper. I missed the comic strips.’ ‘Two minutes, ma.’ She loved her son. He was her rock. He did the cooking, and the washing, and the... Continue Reading →

C is for Con Artist – #AtoZ2018

I've been overwhelmed by the support from the blogging community so far in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge. Thank you all very much 🙂 A quick note: This story contains some explicit material. If you are not comfortable with reading Adult content, please do not proceed beyond this point. Cheers 🙂    She trembled as his... Continue Reading →

B is for Boss – #AtoZ2018

Let me tell you about Bhaskar aka Boss! Boss was someone who you could call a lifer. For well over forty years, he’s been employed at the same company. In those forty years the management has changed, the owners have changed, the technology has changed, heck even the products the company made have changed. But... Continue Reading →

A is for Absent Minded – #AtoZ2018

‘I don’t remember, Inspector.’ He cupped his forehead with his hands in frustration, ‘She always called me absent-minded.’ Inspector Kay shrugged, ‘I see it simple. You injected your wife with an overdose of insulin. She died.’ ‘But, she needed intravenous insulin therapy,’ He protested. ‘Type-2 diabetes. I begged her to reduce her weight. We regularly... Continue Reading →

The League

‘Tea, Clark?’ Diana smiled at her octogenarian friend. Beside her, Bruce was poring over the newspaper. Clark nodded and sat down. ‘Lovely day, eh?’ Bruce just grunted. ‘Bruce, don’t you think you’ve been grumpy enough?’ John sat next to Clark. ‘I’m not grumpy.’ ‘Of course, you aren’t,’ Barry placed his cane down and sat down... Continue Reading →

The Lunatic

The sun scorched relentlessly on the rocky hills. The waiting crowd did not mind the soul-sapping heat one little bit. They were witnessing something very special. The constant, rhythmic ‘thunk’ of metal meeting stone was music to their ears. Dashrath Manjhi paused before delivering the final stroke. Twenty-two years of hard labour was about bear... Continue Reading →

The IQ of Losers

The two men watched in amiable silence from one of the ornate windows of Trinity Hall. Down in the grounds, students were spreading blankets and setting cameras on tripods as they got ready to witness and capture the oncoming meteor shower. ‘I’d give almost anything to be in one of those blankets,’ the frail man... Continue Reading →

The Wages of Sin

‘What have you done?’ The young woman growled. The soldiers shuffled their feet, and none had the temerity to meet her eyes. She walked slowly on the blood-soaked floor and knelt beside a corpse, ‘What did the women and children do? Why did you kill them too?’ The leader of the mutineers stepped up, ‘Rani*,... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift

‘What you doing?’ ‘Making a birthday day gift for Kara.’ ‘Making?’ ‘Yeah! I wanted to make something instead of buying off the shelf.’ ‘Very romantic, and unique. What are you making then?’ ‘I’m penning a poem.’ ‘Ah! Creative.’ ‘Keep the sarcasm to yourself, mate. I’m writing a miniature poem.’ ‘Even better! A small poem. Wouldn’t... Continue Reading →


Hugo smiled as he entered the gym. He sidestepped the faulty floorboard and strode forty-eight exact feet to the practice ring. Nothing had changed. Marcus was there, as Hugo expected, scrubbing the canvas. A legendary boxing coach, Marcus still cleaned the ring himself. It was his church, he claimed. Nothing had changed. Marcus looked up,... Continue Reading →


Why am I holding this dry, withered carcass of a rose? Go ahead, ask. This is my most treasured possession. I will not trade this for all the riches in the world. What is its significance, you might ask? This was the first flower she gave me; ten years, seven months, and twenty-three days ago.... Continue Reading →


He was holed out in the dusty attic of his uncle’s house. He spent most of his days there, with his books and his cousin’s hand-me-down toys. He could hear his aunt complain about his messy hair and messier room, and his cousin chortling. He did not like it at his uncle’s. They didn’t hate... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Dreams

‘Anna*, how much for the Cricket Ganesha?’ I looked at the boy. He was dressed in cricket-whites and carried a kit-bag. ‘Hundred rupees,’ I answered curtly. Kids did not make good customers. ‘I have only fifty,’ His voice fell. I rolled my eyes, ‘Get another fifty if you want it.’ ‘Do you have a smaller... Continue Reading →

The Scene

‘Let’s go over the sequence once more.’ Aman Khan, Bollywood’s biggest superstar, was onto his fifth cigarette of the day. ‘Sure, sir.’ The director pointed at the ruined carcass of the plane, ‘You’ll be on the top, Sir. Ma’am will come running from that direction.’ ‘Cool yaar!’ Aman stubbed his cigarette. ‘Where’s Shriya?’ ‘Ma’am is... Continue Reading →

The Name

‘Grandpa, looks like we have to shut the hotel down,’ Noel closed the ledger. ‘We can’t bear losses anymore.’ Ninety-three-year-old Ethan D’Mello smiled ruefully, ‘This hotel was a tribute to my British employer, Noel. I named it after him – Henry Berrisford.’ ‘Surely a great man, wasn’t he?’ ‘Oh yes! A proper gent. He contributed... Continue Reading →


Muthu considered the reports and the accompanying photographs. ‘Let’s do a sample dig immediately.’ ‘Muthu, will we have any luck this time?’ Sannasi, the village elder, voiced the question that was choking in everyone else’s throats. ‘Hopefully, ayya!’ Muthu picked his mobile phone and made arrangements for the sample dig. ‘I’m feeling positive.’ Sannasi smiled... Continue Reading →

Epicharikaky – Friday Fictioneers

Hey grass! Ever felt jealous of the tree towering over your insignificance? Felt hopelessly despondent that you couldn’t do anything about it? You have? Perfect! Now you know how I feel. It’s very easy to get trampled on, right? Oh well, at least I can drink my sorrows away. Hey grass, it’s me again. Did... Continue Reading →

Skeletons – friday fictioneers

  Krish pointed the derelict house to his wife Mita, ‘I spent a lot of time here than in my own house when I was a teenager.’ ‘Why?’ ‘I have no idea. I used to come here straight after school to see Sheela-aunty.’ ‘’Was she related?’ ‘No! Her husband, Govind, worked for my dad. He... Continue Reading →

Mistaken Identity – Friday Fictioneers

‘Ironic isn’t it?’ Mal spat. ‘You, an entomologist, killed by a spider.’ Her husband, Godfrey, lay thrashing at her feet - eyes scrunched shut and foam trickling from his babbling lips. ‘Phoneutria fera - Brazilian Wandering Spider. Did you recognize it as it bit you?’ She turned and picked her bag. ‘I’ll let you be.... Continue Reading →

Everest – Friday Fictioneers

‘How much for the cap?’ ‘300 rupees, madam. You climbing Everest?’ ‘Naah! Just trekking to basecamp. My husband will be attempting to summit Everest.’ ‘Nice. Your husband very brave. Which party he go with?’ ‘Wild Summit.’ ‘Very nice. My uncle, Apa Sherpa, going with Wild Summit. He help your husband. I go Everest from next... Continue Reading →

Romantic – Friday Fictioneers

‘What’s that?’ ‘That’s the sigil of House Flormont. Actually, their history is very interesting.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Yeah! The Lady Marguerite of House Flormont once hosted a great tourney to find herself a suitor. They called her ‘Wildflower’ because she was as wild as she was beautiful. Many a suitor vied for her hand, only for her... Continue Reading →

The Thermos – Friday Fictioneers

pic credit: Dale Rogerson ‘Thanks for meeting me,’ She tugged at the lapels of her thick woolen coat with nervous fingers. ‘What do you want now?’ His words were colder than the wind. ‘Here, I’ve got something for you.’ She showed him the object in her right hand. ‘Oh God! Your bloody thermos again? What’s... Continue Reading →

100 days of Eden! – FFfAW 143

‘If you serve these bloody Sea Urchins one more time, I’d have to seriously consider cannibalism as an option,’ Jamie snarled. ‘What are you saying? These are heavenly.’ Jimmy slurped his approval. ‘Can’t you catch a bloody mackerel or a snail? 100 days of Sea Urchin is not what I signed up for mate.’ ‘Sea... Continue Reading →

The Prophecy – FFfAW141

“What is it?” Malcolm Butcher, the Director of the Department for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (DETI), frowned at the mud covered rock. “Tangible proof that our work hasn’t gone to waste, Sir.” Bud Mahoney, an overweight researcher, stammered in excitement. “Do you have concrete proof that this rock is alien?” “Absolutely, Sir. The top coating of... Continue Reading →

I’ll be there for you – Friday Fictioneers

‘Dude, tell me about this girl you like.’ Pete sighed, ‘Man! Her name is Rachel.’ ‘Sigh, egh? Pretty?’ ‘So gorgeous, that I wanna cry.’ ‘Intense bro. What does this Rachel do?’ ‘She works in a big-ass store, man. Dunno which.’ ‘She interested in you?’ ‘Dunno, man! There’s this other guy in the scene.’ ‘They serious?’... Continue Reading →

Sins of the father – FFfAW 140

'Paul, nice facility you have here.' Paul London smiled at his friend. They were buddies from University. Though they'd been in touch over the years, they'd last seen each other ten years ago. They chitchatted for a while. Brian's eyes kept shifting back to the entrance of the steel recycling plant. 'What you looking at,... Continue Reading →

Broken Dreams – #FridayFotoFiction

The girl didn’t notice my presence as she sifted through the various designer dresses on display in the chic boutique. She crinkled her nose at some, made disparaging comments at a couple and laughed openly at a black and gold A-line dress. With a disinterested look, she spent the next ten minutes going through the... Continue Reading →

Duck! – Friday Fictioneers

General Donald ‘Duck’ Trumpet looked at the Genie hovering before him. ‘You have two wishes. Use them wisely.’ ‘Make me color- blind.’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes! I would be able to see through the camouflages in the battlefield.’ ‘Granted!’ Duck’s wife cursed him on hearing his story. ‘You idiot! You should asked to become the... Continue Reading →

She! – FFfAW139

They watched her from their usual hiding place near the woods. She was, by far, the most gorgeous woman they had ever set their sights on. Their alcohol addled brains kicked into a lust-filled overdrive. The five men fanned out and converged upon her, taking her by surprise. Within seconds, they overpowered her and tied... Continue Reading →

Right Angles – Friday Fictioneers

‘Ain’t that great?’ ‘Indeed, Mr. Kapadia.’ ‘A veritable masterpiece.’ Nitin, the photographer, beamed with pride. His photograph of the wasteland near Mr. Kapadia’s chemical factory was being showered with praise by the great man himself. ‘The colors, the waterfront… wah! This photo should go on our promotional materials and ad campaigns immediately. Let those bird-brains... Continue Reading →

Sazaki’s Gift – FFfAW 138

Minoru Sazaki had all the time in the world. The peak hour traffic at the junction before the famous marketplace didn’t face him. The Mediterranean sun warmed his body and delighted his soul. He was looking forward to spending the evening amidst the sea of tourists, painters, musicians, restaurateurs, revelers, sex workers, and even pick-pockets... Continue Reading →

Superhero? – SPF 215

I’m perched atop a 40-storey building, taking in the breathtaking vistas the world underneath offered. The chaos has always fascinated me. Everyone thinks that they are moving in an organized manner, following rules, being disciplined, but from my vantage point up here I can spot the complete disarray they are in. That sums up their... Continue Reading →

Possessed – Friday Fictioneers

The kodangi jerked violently. The village people fell silent in obeisance and fear. “This girl has been possessed by a violent spirit. Nail her to the ghost tree, else the spirit will kill the girl. I have spoken.” The kodangi shuddered and with a howl, fainted theatrically. They dragged the screaming girl to the ancient... Continue Reading →

Too Much of Anything… – FFfAW137

‘The children are expected to follow the rules and regulations of our institution very strictly.’ Abraham smiled at the stern looking woman who droned on, ‘There’s a copy of the rules on every wall, stuck at a height, convenient for children of all ages to read.’ ‘Very well, Mrs. Shrivastava.’ ‘Mr. Abraham, as someone new... Continue Reading →

Made for…

The luxury liner cruised serenely on the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. The deck was filled with an eclectic mix of people enjoying their holidays and reveling in their wealth. ‘Ah! This is the life, isn’t it?’ Sumeet scooped a mouthful of $200 caviar and washed it with a large swig of $1000 Krug... Continue Reading →

Mynah Inconvenience – Friday Fictioneers

“Ned! Can you see me buddy?…” A rather large and reddish nose filled my iPhone display. “Dad, move the cellphone away from your face.” “Oh! Heh heh! I’m rather poor with these technology thingamajigs…” “This better be important. I have a meeting in five minutes.” “Look who came to visit today.” He thrust a rather... Continue Reading →

Reality – FFfAW 136

Gaia looked at the cargo ship leisurely making its way to the pier. The deck of the ship was abuzz with commotion, a veritable beehive. Gaia remembered standing in the same spot on the cragged road leading up to the port, many years ago waiting for her father, Luisão. He was a Deck Officer on... Continue Reading →

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