I look out, and see them just standing there, not speaking, accusing, tormenting. The bag with the money, and the gun lies on the bed. The reason and the reason. My head starts pounding. They are still there. The peal grows louder. Only option - apology. Break. Window. Jump.


The Boy of Hamelin

Hans sat under a tree, brooding. Passersby muttered their greetings, and he spat back. Misers! He cursed himself for being a cripple. Ten years had passed since that night. He never heard that tune again. Growing up in a children-less town sucked!

Golden Record

‘Hello from the children of planet earth’ ‘Go Johnny go, go!’ ‘Ribbit!’ ‘beep beep beepidip beep…’ ‘Muah!’ ‘Hahaha!’ The record rotated at the prescribed speed of 3.6 seconds per rotation. They crowded around it, listening. One grunted, ‘They call themselves homo sapiens.’ His neighbour grunted back, ‘Sapience?’ ‘Sadly none!’

The Boy

‘Daddy, that boy keeps coming back,’ my six-year-old was grumpy. ‘Why don’t you let him play with you?’ ‘He stinks, Daddy. Like a fish tank.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Yeah! There he is.’ I looked at him and started screaming. I shouldn’t have pushed him into the lake all those years ago.

#MicroMondays – 4

Bienvenidos! Today I was watching a really good movie about the first ever African American to play in the Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, on Amazon Prime and the it hit me that I had to get the prompt ready for the 4th edition of #MicroMondays. I looked up at the movie title and this... Continue Reading →

All by myself!

Global warming killed all life forms. They say I’m to blame! The Angels didn’t want me, nor did the Devil. So I haunt the White House all by myself. Maybe, I should check the mansion. Heff might be around.

#MicroMondays Edition 3

Namaskar! Welcome to the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays. We had fourteen entries to the 2nd edition ranging from Romantic grannies to romantic Sherlock, from lost toys to lost strawberries. It's awesome to see the same prompt being interpreted in many different ways. For the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays we have Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations With... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – Edition 2

Hola! Welcome to the 2nd edition of #MicroMondays. We had quite the blast with the first ever edition - with the prompt 'I AM CURIOUS TOO' inspiring participants to write about cats and mice, tarrot card readers and people planning to dash headlong into caves and woods and marriages 😛 This week's prompt has been... Continue Reading →


He intimidates me, makes me feel insignificant. He edits my words, ostensibly improving them . I’m no Milton, but I’m good. He cannot accept it. Percy is a leviathan, but Frankenstein is my baby.

Que Sera Sera

My fingers paint a crimson trail across the piano’s white keys. Closing my eyes, I let Beethoven takeover. As ‘Für Elise’ fills tepid air, I feel a kick inside my stomach. Outside, a lone flower sways in the wind. I hear sirens. ‘You are my Lily’, I murmur.

Sting! – #TLT77

Will Smith was an absolute idiot - Chose to die by the deadly Jelly Fish sting in 7 Pounds Monica Geller was an absolute idiot - She got stung by a jelly fish and Chandler had to pee on her to soothe her pain I'm just a finalist in MasterChef - Sesame oil and Chili... Continue Reading →

No Choice – Twittering Tales #40

'Egwabaa..gabbadwe..' the old record spun 'Discard', thought Ronan, irritated 'Few minutes more', the evil inside it argued He had no choice. 140 Characters. This is written for Twittering Tales hosted by Kat Myrman.

Last Day – Three Line Tales 76

Pic Credit: Sam Burriss. Aurora danced barefoot in the rain – No more worrying about her size zero figure, no more insane workouts, no more media scrutiny, no more meddling agents and definitely no more sleazy co-stars. She was going to Homestead, Florida to become an avocado farmer. She would grab a cheeseburger first. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Not Now – Friday Fictioneers

Genre: Memoir After a grueling 8 hour walk, I reached the hanging village of Jhaka. A trekking novice, I’d trailed my group by almost an hour. After lunch, I stepped out for a smoke. My system craved for its shot of nicotine. As I was about to light up, the owner of the house, George... Continue Reading →


I’ve killed everyone on earth. I fix myself a drink. There is a sound outside the door. I pick up my shotgun. Bloody Zombies everywhere.

And I wonder…

I shiver with anticipation. It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face to the public. I would have loved to come out, have a drink now and then. But, I’ve been very busy. I own this awesome property down-under and business has been blazing recently. The waiting list to enter is unbelievable. I’m surprised.... Continue Reading →

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