I look out, and see them just standing there, not speaking, accusing, tormenting. The bag with the money, and the … More

The Boy of Hamelin

Hans sat under a tree, brooding. Passersby muttered their greetings, and he spat back. Misers! He cursed himself for being … More

Golden Record

‘Hello from the children of planet earth’ ‘Go Johnny go, go!’ ‘Ribbit!’ ‘beep beep beepidip beep…’ ‘Muah!’ ‘Hahaha!’ The record … More

The Boy

‘Daddy, that boy keeps coming back,’ my six-year-old was grumpy. ‘Why don’t you let him play with you?’ ‘He stinks, … More

#MicroMondays – 4

Bienvenidos! Today I was watching a really good movie about the first ever African American to play in the Major … More

All by myself!

Global warming killed all life forms. They say I’m to blame! The Angels didn’t want me, nor did the Devil. … More

#MicroMondays Edition 3

Namaskar! Welcome to the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays. We had fourteen entries to the 2nd edition ranging from Romantic grannies … More


He intimidates me, makes me feel insignificant. He edits my words, ostensibly improving them . I’m no Milton, but I’m … More

Que Sera Sera

My fingers paint a crimson trail across the piano’s white keys. Closing my eyes, I let Beethoven takeover. As ‘Für … More

Sting! – #TLT77

Will Smith was an absolute idiot – Chose to die by the deadly Jelly Fish sting in 7 Pounds Monica … More


I’ve killed everyone on earth. I fix myself a drink. There is a sound outside the door. I pick up … More

And I wonder…

I shiver with anticipation. It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face to the public. I would have loved … More