My Friends of #MyFriendAlexa

Open e-mail Click! Check today's list Click! Who's on the list? Shrug! Pick one Click! What's it about? Shrug! Where's the like button? Click! The twitter share? There! Click! Did I put my #HASHTAG? Oops! Click again! Yaay! One down, Nine to go Hey, what about that comment? Oh yeah, that's there right? Click! Comment... Continue Reading →


A tryst with Bagore ki Haveli in Udaipur – Guest Post by ShalzMojo

I have some of the fondest travel memories from the state of Rajasthan; or maybe I am just biased as that’s my hometown 😉 Over the past decade, I have pursued many of its delightful destinations and discovered some amazing sights and experiences which have stayed with me still. One such was the cultural performance... Continue Reading →

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