Almost Enough!

Eight thirty in the morn surrounded by a thousand cars blowing their horn Packed lunch getting soggy Already! Smartphone beeps Email questioning excel sheets and power point presentations ready Slog, slog Responsibilities come hard, hard Twenty hours a day spent unappreciated Four hours of peace Negated! The minority majority run on artificial Duracell Loans, Card... Continue Reading →


Atlas Shrugs

A baby is born branded for big things A bright-eyed sapling destined for greatness Does his parents think a second about his wants?   The boy is doused with fuel of high expectations and burned in the bright flame of failure The boy dies and from the ashes rises the wingless phoenix of a bitter... Continue Reading →

Ballad of the Boy

There was once a little boy All of one and seven He picked a tattered tome Read it and went to heaven   Days and nights he sat With books around him spread Faraway lands and castles Knights and Musketeers in his head   He laughed and cried and sang Worried and worshipped with them... Continue Reading →

Flash In The Pan

Kumar Gaurav, Hrishikesh Kanitkar, Vijay Bharadwaj, Chumbawamba, Gracy Singh, Ed Giddins, Vanilla Ice... Raise your hands if you went, 'Oh! I've heard that name somewhere. He/She was this famous so and so, right? Wow, I've totally forgotten about them. Wonder what they are upto now?' at least once. The above names, no offense intended, were... Continue Reading →

Architect of Destruction

Give me five and fifty millennia, I will invent the wheel tame fire take baby steps towards evolution and drive magnificent beasts to extinction   Give me five thousand years, I will build cities of opulence and grandeur and pave their streets of hubris with nature and its debris conquer the seven seas create and... Continue Reading →

Lesser of Two Evils

A Donkey and A Buffalo parade before the sheep staking claim to rule   Says the buffalo, Brothers and friends I’m one of you You’ve given me a chance Give me one more I’ll make sure we sheep roar like lions   The donkey shuffles, as uncomfortable as it could ever be Calls the fallacy... Continue Reading →

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