Almost Enough!

Eight thirty in the morn surrounded by a thousand cars blowing their horn Packed lunch getting soggy Already! Smartphone beeps Email questioning excel sheets and power point presentations ready Slog, slog Responsibilities come hard, hard Twenty hours a day spent unappreciated Four hours of peace Negated! The minority majority run on artificial Duracell Loans, Card… Read More Almost Enough!

Flash In The Pan

Kumar Gaurav, Hrishikesh Kanitkar, Vijay Bharadwaj, Chumbawamba, Gracy Singh, Ed Giddins, Vanilla Ice… Raise your hands if you went, ‘Oh! I’ve heard that name somewhere. He/She was this famous so and so, right? Wow, I’ve totally forgotten about them. Wonder what they are upto now?’ at least once. The above names, no offense intended, were… Read More Flash In The Pan