Superhero? – SPF 215

I’m perched atop a 40-storey building, taking in the breathtaking vistas the world underneath offered. The chaos has always fascinated me. Everyone thinks that they are moving in an organized manner, following rules, being disciplined, but from my vantage point up here I can spot the complete disarray they are in. That sums up their … Continue reading Superhero? – SPF 215


Dance – Sunday Photo Fiction

“Well?” Daksh was brought out of his trance by the honey-soaked voice that came floating through. He looked at his visitor. She was drop-dead gorgeous in a red A-line dress that complemented her pale complexion.  His olfactory senses kicked into overdrive by her scent – an intoxicating mixture of perfume and her. “Well?” She purred … Continue reading Dance – Sunday Photo Fiction

What Goes Around… Sunday Photo Fiction – July 23

“Arjun, I’m scared”, Devaki cast an uncertain glance at the gigantic structure looming before them. Despite the summer in London, she pulled her jacket closer to her. From where she came from, 20°C did not equate to summer temperatures. “Amma*, don’t worry about it. The London Eye is perfectly safe. More than 60 Million people … Continue reading What Goes Around… Sunday Photo Fiction – July 23

Faith – Sunday Photo Fiction July 16

“Matthew 16:18”, the stranger murmured. The real-estate agent scratched his head. He didn’t understand this stranger clad in shoddy clothes and sporting a scraggly beard. He wondered if he had made the right decision in coming out with this apparent lunatic without any backup. “What are you muttering, man ? Are you interested in this … Continue reading Faith – Sunday Photo Fiction July 16

BREXIT – #Sunday Photo Fiction, July 9 2017

Photo courtesy -  A Mixed Bag “Did you know, this pub was established in 1365?” Stu Hall, our wonderful host, and De-facto guide announced. Nafisa and I nodded mutely, still dumbstruck by the magnificence of the Dover Castle. Stu had walked ahead to the entrance of the quaint little pub really close to the castle. … Continue reading BREXIT – #Sunday Photo Fiction, July 9 2017