#MicroMondays 7

Hey all, I'm traveling for the next few days for work, but fear not - # MicroMondays edition 7 is up and running thanks to my awesome partner in crime, Namy. Please find the prompt and other details here I'll be sure to join in with my entry real soon. Cheers, Varad


#MicroMondays – 6

Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome back to #MicroMondays. This week, we are going to focus in the word 'Micro' and we are going to challenge you to write the shortest story so far in #MicroMondays history.  That's right, this week's word count is going to just '21' and that's including the prompt. Ready? This week's prompt... Continue Reading →

The Trick

“For my next trick, I need a volunteer.” I droned in a tired voice at the apathetic audience. As expected there weren’t any forthcoming. It was the usual mix of humanity you could find at any wedding: aunties talking in loud voices – indulging in gossip, comparing their jewels and matchmaking, uncles exchanging stock tips,... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day

Rajamma woke up at midnight and searched desperately for her son. He was fast asleep in the berth above her. Smiling wanly, she covered him with her own blanket. She won’t be getting much sleep anyway. By the time her son woke up, Rajamma was busy chatting with the girl in the opposite seat. She... Continue Reading →

Punishment and Penance – Part 1

Anthony D'Mello placed the plate of food and a tin cup half-filled with water in front of his guest. The man was a wretched mess with blisters on his feet and scars festered with blood and puss on every part of his exposed skin. He fell greedily upon his food and started devouring it in... Continue Reading →

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