I look out, and see them just standing there, not speaking, accusing, tormenting. The bag with the money, and the gun lies on the bed. The reason and the reason. My head starts pounding. They are still there. The peal grows louder. Only option - apology. Break. Window. Jump.

The Boy of Hamelin

Hans sat under a tree, brooding. Passersby muttered their greetings, and he spat back. Misers! He cursed himself for being a cripple. Ten years had passed since that night. He never heard that tune again. Growing up in a children-less town sucked!

Golden Record

‘Hello from the children of planet earth’ ‘Go Johnny go, go!’ ‘Ribbit!’ ‘beep beep beepidip beep…’ ‘Muah!’ ‘Hahaha!’ The record rotated at the prescribed speed of 3.6 seconds per rotation. They crowded around it, listening. One grunted, ‘They call themselves homo sapiens.’ His neighbour grunted back, ‘Sapience?’ ‘Sadly none!’

The Boy

‘Daddy, that boy keeps coming back,’ my six-year-old was grumpy. ‘Why don’t you let him play with you?’ ‘He stinks, Daddy. Like a fish tank.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Yeah! There he is.’ I looked at him and started screaming. I shouldn’t have pushed him into the lake all those years ago.

All by myself!

Global warming killed all life forms. They say I’m to blame! The Angels didn’t want me, nor did the Devil. So I haunt the White House all by myself. Maybe, I should check the mansion. Heff might be around.

The Journey

“What are you in here for?” I keep my silence. “You! I’m talking to you. Answer me.” “Attempt to murder!” “Three years, eh?” I don’t say anything. “Three long years! Do you know what that means? One thousand days of you being our bitch.” The warden comes in at the most opportune of times. My... Continue Reading →


Shaw was panting hard. Sweat poured out in copious amounts through the pores of his body, drenching him. The night was warm and humid and didn't help his present condition. He sat crouched, almost bent double behind a van parked close to a dustbin. He was nauseous from inhaling the smells of putrid waste in... Continue Reading →


He intimidates me, makes me feel insignificant. He edits my words, ostensibly improving them . I’m no Milton, but I’m good. He cannot accept it. Percy is a leviathan, but Frankenstein is my baby.

Que Sera Sera

My fingers paint a crimson trail across the piano’s white keys. Closing my eyes, I let Beethoven takeover. As ‘Für Elise’ fills tepid air, I feel a kick inside my stomach. Outside, a lone flower sways in the wind. I hear sirens. ‘You are my Lily’, I murmur.

The Cat in the Box

‘Ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat, Inspector?’ Shiva asked gently, stressing each syllable. A man was sat opposite him, hands tied behind his back. A look of sheer malevolence hung like a poisonous fog upon his countenance. ‘Where is my wife, you psycho?’ He spat. ‘I’m getting to that, Inspector’, Shiva murmured. ‘But first, answer my... Continue Reading →

An Honorable Man

The evening Sun shone brightly, spreading its merry warmth all over the grassy countryside. Birds chirped in their own mellifluous tunes heralding the impending end of the day. Somewhere in the distance, a dog howled. The old gatekeeper of the cemetery scratched his head, a beedi† smoldering between his blackened lips. He absently nodded his... Continue Reading →

And I wonder…

I shiver with anticipation. It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face to the public. I would have loved to come out, have a drink now and then. But, I’ve been very busy. I own this awesome property down-under and business has been blazing recently. The waiting list to enter is unbelievable. I’m surprised.... Continue Reading →

Komberi Mookan – #FFfAW 122 (July 4, 2017)

Photo credit: Kecia Spartin “Listen, woman. I need this building. It’s in a prime location”, Ponrayan spat at Lakshmi. He owned liquor shops and was looking to expand. “Sir, but the school?” “Pah! Curses. Tell you what! I’ll give my land. Build your filthy school there.” The proposed site was outside the village. Commute would... Continue Reading →

Suns and Lovers

Freddie Mercury sipped his Ricker bourbon. The black sun’s purplish halo cast eerie obscurities all over the empty space. He set his spaceship, The Astro-logger, to a crawl using the ‘explore mode’ auto-pilot feature. Rechecking all the controls and meters and finding the readings satisfactory, Freddie climbed to the upper deck to gaze into the... Continue Reading →

Of Ice and Men… #BarAThon Day3

“I need Ice, NOW!” Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa Rahul Prabhakar screamed in agony, clutching his ankle. A collective groan arose from the bowels of the Mangaung Oval. The match was tantalizingly poised – India was playing their arch-nemeses, Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup Finals. Chasing 283 to win, Pakistan had accumulated 192 runs... Continue Reading →

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