Let it roll The fucking drumroll Everything’s good Except the food Fancy wedding Fancier pudding Happy friends with dates Friends looking for dates Band’s ready Fucking needy Girl I love Burning stove Date’s tomorrow Drowning in my sorrow I’m the winner The girl or the dinner Getting a wife Getting a life?


8 September 2017

As a trekkie, it’s only fair. Live Long and Prosper, everyone. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this lovely piece of nostalgia.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Dora wreathed her arms around her son’s neck. “What’s in California? No mishpokhah—you’ll be a stranger in a strange land.”

            “Like you were when you came to America, Mama.” The youth bristled with determination. “I won’t be an alien for long. You’ll see.”

            Dora’s husband Max frowned. “You’re only eighteen. Forget this acting mishegoss.


            Leonard, now an old man, strolled along the West End’s changing streets…

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Dance – Sunday Photo Fiction

“Well?” Daksh was brought out of his trance by the honey-soaked voice that came floating through. He looked at his visitor. She was drop-dead gorgeous in a red A-line dress that complemented her pale complexion.  His olfactory senses kicked into overdrive by her scent – an intoxicating mixture of perfume and her. “Well?” She purred … Continue reading Dance – Sunday Photo Fiction