Last Item On The List

‘Mom, is the camera rolling? Yeah? Alright, I’ll take it from here. Please don’t disturb me for an hour, ok?’ She closes the door and I look at the camera and grin. ‘Hey, all my wonderful earthling friends… This is your boy Columbus coming live from…well, my bedroom. I’d like to thank all of you… Continue reading Last Item On The List


Cheeseburgery Love

My dad gave me three life rules to live by: 1. Studies come first, 2. Don’t sleep around with random women and 3. Don’t eat meat. The first two were easy, but the third one proved difficult all because of a cheeseburger. Let me explain. I come from a very conservative South Indian family. As… Continue reading Cheeseburgery Love

A to Z · Fiction

V is for the Video (Malolan Chronicles #1) – #AtoZ2018

June 26, 1973 Koshy Varghese yawned and stretched. His mind was feeling numb after watching three movies back to back. He looked to his side and saw his colleagues were in a similar state of torpor. They had one more movie to watch before they could call it a day. ‘I cannot sit for one… Continue reading V is for the Video (Malolan Chronicles #1) – #AtoZ2018