Last Item On The List

‘Mom, is the camera rolling? Yeah? Alright, I’ll take it from here. Please don’t disturb me for an hour, ok?’ She closes the door and I look at the camera and grin. ‘Hey, all my wonderful earthling friends… This is your boy Columbus coming live from…well, my bedroom. I’d like to thank all of you... Continue Reading →


She waits with impatience, feet tapping a restless flamenco, in the queue outside the airport for renting a car. The evening sun’s rays scorch her face increasing her annoyance just that little bit more. She whips out her Prada sunglasses and slides it over her aquiline nose, making few heads turn her way. The attendant... Continue Reading →

To My Newborn…

I look at you, brown little baby squirming underneath the blanket, and am overcome with an eclectic mix of emotions, ranging from happiness to dread, wonder to melancholy, and from feeling blessed to feeling enraged. You have nothing to do with what I feel right now, but your entry into this accursed world changes everything.... Continue Reading →

The Cat in the Box

‘Ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat, Inspector?’ Shiva asked gently, stressing each syllable. A man was sat opposite him, hands tied behind his back. A look of sheer malevolence hung like a poisonous fog upon his countenance. ‘Where is my wife, you psycho?’ He spat. ‘I’m getting to that, Inspector’, Shiva murmured. ‘But first, answer my... Continue Reading →

Second Chance – #FFfAW123

Michael gave up. His art, like his life, was an unmitigated disaster. He had set out to pour all his passion, effort and love into what he hoped would become his masterpiece, but had failed miserably. Michael threw his aerosol can away and stood up. He climbed the parapet and walked towards the edge. One... Continue Reading →

Punishment and Penance – Part 1

Anthony D'Mello placed the plate of food and a tin cup half-filled with water in front of his guest. The man was a wretched mess with blisters on his feet and scars festered with blood and puss on every part of his exposed skin. He fell greedily upon his food and started devouring it in... Continue Reading →

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