T is for The Troubles of Time Travel – #AtoZ2018

‘Tell me about time travel,’ Martin sipped his cognac. ‘What do you want to know?’ Lyndon placed his brandy balloon on the mahogany table. He stuffed some tobacco into his pipe and used a tamper to press it down. ‘Everything! Starting with, is time travel possible?’ Lyndon struck a match and moved it in languid … Continue reading T is for The Troubles of Time Travel – #AtoZ2018


L is for Lonely – #AtoZ2018

‘This is Major Tom calling Houston. Come in Houston! Are you there Houston?’ Nothing but stony silence greeted him. Tom sighed and flipped the radio channel to the European Space Agency (ESA) in Toulouse, France. He did not expect any reply from there either, but still went ahead with his ritual ‘Major Tom Jones from … Continue reading L is for Lonely – #AtoZ2018