The darkness in the sky gave way to the aureate first rays of the sun. The pristine waters of the lake gave birth to languid ripples as they were kissed by the stubborn but gentle breeze. Somewhere in the distance, a songbird sang lilting melodies welcoming the dawn. The Princess looked at the breathtaking vistas in front of her and sighed. She was did not enjoy the serenity of her surroundings anymore. The bird’s dulcet tunes didn’t make her heart soar like it once did. The indolent water ripples didn’t catch her eye now. Even the ride atop her favourite courser excited her no longer.

She led the magnificent beast to the edge of the water. It whinnied and stepped back. A crinkle of anger coursed through her pulchritude and it vanished the very second she became aware of its existence. She hung her head in despair. It had been exactly one and thousand days since the wicked witch cursed her whole life into this single wrinkle of time. All she did was see the sun rise and the water ripple, hear the bird sing and ride her horse to the water. And then she did it again, and again, and again.

She prayed for salvation, she prayed for an end to this tranquil nightmare, she prayed for an end to the sickeningly sweet bird song, she prayed for a tornado to churn the lake inside out, she prayed for a lion to tear her horse’s guts, and she prayed for an arrow to her breast.

She knew none of her prayers would come to fruition.

The darkness in the sky gave way to the aureate first rays of the sun…

‘Dude, change this bloody screensaver. It’s so boring. I’ve got some High-Res Ferrari images. They are sick…’

Written for Day 6 of the Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe. #WriteBravely.

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