Not Today

I began 2019 with a nice trek on the Himalayas. We saw the snow-capped magnificence of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third tallest peak in the world after the Everest and K2. After a week well spent in the mountains, its time for yet another edition of Friday Fictioneers hosted by our delightful host Rochelle. This week’s… Read More Not Today


‘Hello…’ ‘Good to hear your voice…’ ‘Yeah! Yours as well…’ ‘Does it bother you?’ ‘What?’ ‘Talking to me?’ ‘No! Better than the silence.’ ‘Same here.’ ‘Had your tea?’ ‘Yes! You?’ ‘Having it as we speak…’ ‘Alright! Until later.’ Static filled the tent that had been his home for the past six years. The barbed wire… Read More Borders


She sets her little wooden chair next to the grave of her beloved and after a session of sighs and tears, she starts reading from the book he once loved. Fresh chrysanthemums adorn his grave, filling me with jealousy. Sometimes, I wish someone comes to sit for a moment next to my grave. I know… Read More Love

Stan’s Boots

After a very travel-heavy week during which I couldn’t get any reading done, this week promises to be a little slow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read most of the entries this week and reply to the comments on my last week’s post. Another Wednesday and another edition of Friday Fictioneers hosted by our delightful… Read More Stan’s Boots


I met my estranged sister after two decades and I have to say that we cried quite shamelessly in the middle of the plaza. Growing up, we were almost inseparable until our parents’ acrimonious divorce dropped the figurative Grand Canyon between us. I still remember her as an eight-year-old, the last time I saw her,… Read More Reunion


Nero stared at the bleeding man bound to the worktable. The man grunted and moaned pitifully, his sobs choked by a ball-gag fastened around his mouth. He was missing fingers in both his hands. Scratches, welts, and bruises covered his naked torso. Nero looked at the poll results on an encrypted website, ‘We have a… Read More Comeuppance