I’m Done

Thank you for your best wishes and concern, my friends! Unfortunately, I haven’t enjoyed a moment of this year’s AtoZ. Last year’s fun, frolic, bonding, and camaraderie has been replaced by apathy and quid pro quo. I’m a writer and I don’t wish to be a part of this poultry market. It’s apt that I say ‘I for I Quit!’ Thank you for supporting me and being with me on my journey. I cherish each and every moment with my blogging friends, but as the bard Jim Morrison crooned ‘This is the end!’ I won’t be participating in any of these mass-market barter blog-fests. I will write only for those challenges that entices and challenges me.




  1. Varad, I am so sorry to hear this. I’ve tried to catch up with all the sites (what a horribly convoluted week I’ve had), and then…this.

    I really do hope you continue this story, even offline, so it can be collected and published at your chosen timing.

    Yeah, the “if you don’t comment I won’t even look at your blog” mentality is always there in all of these things. I do this for the push it gives me to write everyday. I need “deadlines”.

    Again, I’m sorry that you’re ending this. Hopefully, it’s only for now.


  2. This is what even I am thinking of !
    Any reasons in particular? Actually this is first time I am feeling to leave due to some personal reasons .


  3. I didn’t participate this year because of other commitments. Your posts came into my mail box but I stopped myself from reading them because I was expecting another book of yours and wanted to read it at one go.
    I think you should continue doing it for your passion to write and not as an Challenge . please do not deprive your readers so keeping writing for us.

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          1. Hi from J, co-host of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
            I’m so sorry you’ve had a bad experience. I do hope you’ll fill out our after survey on May 3, so we can prevent whatever happened to you from happening to others.

            I hadn’t head of “My Friend Alexa” before, so I had to search that. Blogchatter came up in the search. I know they run an alphabet blogging challenge in April also. We aren’t associated with it, so I know very little about it.

            The A to Z Challenge is a blog hop, and has been for 10 years, so frequently people do opt to visit each other. While it’s highly encouraged, it isn’t a requirement. If someone suggested otherwise, I hope you’ll contact myself (or Arlee, Jayden, John, or Zalka) with details so we might look into the matter.

            I’m sorry for the bad experience you’ve had.


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