Theme Reveal A To Z Challenge 2019

Time has indeed flown in a hurry. I had quite the eventful debut in the AtoZ Challenge last year (read about it here) and to say it was an absolutely phenomenal experience would be downplaying it. I made a lot of blogging buddies, improved myself as a writer, made a commitment towards writing regularly, and to place the sweetest cherry on top of everything wonderful, I became a published author. (My book ‘Tales With A Twist’ is available here)

This year, I intend to take you all on a journey to a very special place. You will read 26 stories about this wonderful place and its inhabitants. Without further ado, the theme of my A to Z challenge 2019 is….

*** cue drum-roll ***

Stories for the whole family

Welcome to Vanarapuri, the magical monkey-city filled with fun, frolic, adventures, and a little something for everyone in the family. There’s a lot we can learn from monkeys, definitely. 😉

As a bonus, here’s the map of Vanarapuri.





  1. Oooooo. This sounds like fun. We need fun. Glad you are taking on the challenge this way. I’ll be here. Your writing is great on the adult level. Can’t wait to see how you blow family lit out of the water.


  2. Wow! Map for Vanarapuri! This does sound interesting, Varad! Looking forward to reading your posts…and I am sure I will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed your last year’s A to Z posts!
    WIsh you the best!


  3. I’m always impressed with authors who create a make-believe town such as this with a map to make it visible for the reader. I shall look forward to your A2Z posts in this year’s theme. Have a blessed week and if time permits, please come check out my Theme Reveal post!


  4. Oh wow! That map has got me hooked already! Count me in, I will be dropping by your blog this April 🙂 Happy A to Z!
    A-Z at Kohl Eyed Me
    A-Z at Something’s Cooking


    1. Thanks, Anupriya. Vanarapuri is something very close to my heart and I’m glad I have an opportunity to bring it to paper.


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