New Home

  The home we left had no doors or windows. That’s where we ate, slept, and procreated.  Anyone on the … More

The Promised Land

They alighted the rickety jeeps at midnight. The man to whom they had bequeathed their money pointed the way forward … More

Box Office

He left his home to become the first filmmaker of South India. He faced obstacles at every corner. He lied … More

The Burden

Usually, I’d have left long back. A honeymooning couple holding hands, whispering and giggling without a care in the world. … More


Bart was supposed to be a star! Scratch that – a superstar! Coach used to claim that Bart’s mother had … More

The Tipping Point

The barbed wire fence was cut after the war that had raged for half a century came crashing to a … More


‘Grandpa! Look, It’s snowing!’ Five-year-old Emily jumped in glee, her little hands coming together in a joyous clap. I smile … More


‘It’s all about your core and balance,’ Ralph murmurs. ‘Parkour is tapping into the courage you didn’t know you had.’ … More

Hate Prevails

‘Do you know that Hamburg was nearly wiped out of the map during WWII?’ My parents were impressed. They had … More


They said that he never remained married for long and his wives vanished mysteriously. When his eyes fell on me, … More


‘Our forests were much different than the ones around Vanarapuri,’ Fathi took a swig of fresh tender coconut water and … More

And, Suri Loses A Race

Inside a deep, dark jungle, hidden to the outside world was the beautiful monkey city of Vanarapuri. It was home … More


The monsters are killing us. We were a proud community who made fabric that was appreciated everywhere. We were the … More


Mom and Dad were already awake and bustling when I woke up. I lumber down the stairs to see Mom … More

The Legend of The Scooter Assassin

‘Ever heard about the Scooter Assassin?’ ‘Who?’ ‘Only the greatest hit-man ever.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Yup! Ninety-nine perfect kills. An absolute legend.’ … More

Of Past Things

‘Do you see that old building there?’ Don nodded eagerly to his Grandmother’s question. ‘Si, Abuelita! I do.’ ‘That was … More

Glass Roses

The package arrives precisely at 3 PM. There is a ‘Fragile’ sticker plastered on it. Sometimes, I wonder at his … More

Spark the change

I saw a spark and decided to keep it safe in the hollow of a forest tree. The forest smoldered and … More

The Car

He walks at a steady pace, tapping his cane on the mud-caked road. The car is still there, a grotesque … More

Not Today

I began 2019 with a nice trek on the Himalayas. We saw the snow-capped magnificence of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third … More

My First!

They never said it would be this messy, and bloody! All they spoke was about the pleasure and the orgasmic … More


‘Hello…’ ‘Good to hear your voice…’ ‘Yeah! Yours as well…’ ‘Does it bother you?’ ‘What?’ ‘Talking to me?’ ‘No! Better … More


She sets her little wooden chair next to the grave of her beloved and after a session of sighs and … More

Stan’s Boots

After a very travel-heavy week during which I couldn’t get any reading done, this week promises to be a little … More


I met my estranged sister after two decades and I have to say that we cried quite shamelessly in the … More


Nero stared at the bleeding man bound to the worktable. The man grunted and moaned pitifully, his sobs choked by … More

Match Made In Heaven

It was a convention like none other – men and women from different countries had come together to find themselves … More


I’m but a child watching a chess game. I can see the players concentrating hard, thinking five, six, even ten … More


‘ I was born here, in this very castle. They named me under this domed roof. I used to play … More


I look out, and see them just standing there, not speaking, accusing, tormenting. The bag with the money, and the … More

Superstitions – FFfAW 179

Professor Mehta turned around and addressed his students, ‘This pathway here is forbidden, reserved exclusively for the Gods.’ Praful scoffed, … More

Car Cemetery – FFfAW 178

‘Grandpa, what are cars made of?’ Al considered his grandson Ron’s question. ‘A lot of different stuff, dear. But, mostly … More

PTSD – FFfAW 177

He sat on the bench everyday, not moving, just gazing into the lake for hours together. No wonder I felt … More

Those Stolen Moments

August 6 8:10 AM ‘Well, this is nice. A lovely little break from the madness of everyday.’ Kumiko smiled at  … More

OOPS! – FFfAW175

Circle bottom right, fairly innocuous. Hope he doesn’t cross the centre, let’s see if we can have some fun here! … More

Golden Record

‘Hello from the children of planet earth’ ‘Go Johnny go, go!’ ‘Ribbit!’ ‘beep beep beepidip beep…’ ‘Muah!’ ‘Hahaha!’ The record … More

Family Tree

‘Gary, what are you doing?’ ‘I’m digging a hole.’ ‘Why?’ ‘You’ll see!’ ‘Gary, you’ve been sullen ever since Marshall came … More


‘Blue and yellow, not a great color combination, but it worked.’ His hand made languid strokes as he colored the … More