Stan’s Boots

After a very travel-heavy week during which I couldn’t get any reading done, this week promises to be a little slow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read most of the entries this week and reply to the comments on my last week’s post. Another Wednesday and another edition of Friday Fictioneers hosted by our delightful host Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. This week’s photo prompt is from Adam Ickes. Please read other entries to this week’s prompt here


My friend Stan’s grandfather, Jonah, was a very funny man. He used to make up little rhymes and tell his tales in a roundabout way. Once, Stan and I were climbing a fence when the rickety old thing collapsed. Jonah saw us and sang

Only thing that’s more broken

Than the fence is your pride

Life took us in different directions. I became a wall street slave, Stan went to fight for our country. I visited Jonah few years later and asked about Stan. Jonah pointed at a pair of boots

Little man went to fight and shoot

Big man graciously returned his boots.



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