Theme Reveal – A To Z Challenge 2018

I came to know about the annual A to Z blogging channel from my wife, who participated and successfully completed it last year. At that time, I didn’t even have this blog (which, btw, I started only to like and comment on her posts.)

Somewhere along the way, I started writing too and, this year, I’m throwing my hat into the madcap world of A to Z blogging challenge.

I’m mainly a writer of fiction, so that’s what I’d be focusing on. For my maiden attempt at the challenge, my theme will be


I will be writing 26 pieces of Flash Fiction “With a TWIST.”

These twists may vary from funny, wicked to downright evil. 😉

Come join me as I embark upon arguably the toughest writing challenge I’ve ever attempted.



PS: Is there a way that like-minded bloggers can connect? I usually dabble in fiction, so I’d like to read more of fiction from my fellow bloggers. I see that nearly 350 bloggers have signed up for this year’s challenge and honestly each can regularly follow a max of 20. Though I’d be interested in reading about travelogues and other themes, I might not be able to contribute to those posts. I don’t intend on posting comments like ‘Nice one,’ or ‘Good post.’ Do let me know of your thoughts. Cheers and Happy ‘A to Z’ing 🙂





  1. I am so very happy you are back for this year. I know you’ve been a tad frustrated in the past.

    Can’t wait to read your stories this month!!

    Tale Spinning


  2. Glad that you joined the writing marathon! Your tales are definitely worthy of reading! Looking forward to more! Though I must say I am surprised by the fall in numbers. Last year, 1800+ signed up!

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  3. Sounds like a great entertaining theme. A lot of people write fiction for the challenge, you’ll find the ones you like as you work your way through the list.

    All the very best for a fun time this A-Z. The first time is always extra special.


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  4. That’s nice and the way you describe the twists and turns- “funny, wicked to downright evil” has built my curiosity! Another great fiction to read this April and I am writing one as well.

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  5. great idea and cool story about how you fell into blogging – and right on to that (I mean write on…)
    also, you are so organized and to have your theme and plan in place – this looks great.


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    1. That’s mighty kind of you, Keith. My wife gave the link for your Amble Bay series when I asked her if there were any good fiction blogs out there on A2Z. I enjoyed reading it. Good luck to you too.

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  6. I am looking forward to reading your posts, Varad.

    As for finding like-minded posts, you can sort the master list by category so that you can find all of the other fiction writers who are taking part. It’s really a handy feature.

    Best of luck!

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      1. If you visit the master list in google docs, they’ve already done it for you. It would save you time, unless you want to extract just the ones you want to visit. Happy writing! 🙂


  7. Welcome to the challenge! I’m sure you’ll love it. When I started my blog four years ago, I knew nothing abotu blogging, I knew very few bloggers, it was a lonely world. But everything changed with the challenge. I learned to blog, I learned to comment, and I met lots of wonderful bloggers. That’s why I’m here again, once more 😉

    A lot of bloggers write fiction during the challenge. I’ve already come across 4 or 5. Just have a look around. Check the Twitter hashtag and the official website. Check the google document. There are a lot of way to find just the blogs you want to follow.

    Have a fantastic challenge!!

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – Weimar Germany

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, JazzFeathers. I hope to have a lot of fun writing and I hope to learn a lot from my fellow bloggers. Have a great AtoZ 🙂


      1. Not participating this year, Varad. Look forward to enjoying the daily reads at my favourite blogs, this time.


  8. Tales with an evil twist, now that’s something to look forward to. I love reading flash fiction. All the best. I’m ready to be laugh/get spooked or amused, whatever!

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  9. Hi Varad – look forward to reading your tales with a twist. Loved your honesty about having like minded bloggers visit each other. Btw how do we get this list of 350 bloggers so that One can decide which blogs to visit. I am doing fiction too btw though the theme is different.

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  10. Hi Varad, that’s a good thought on following other blogs. On a separate note, am sure you will publish quality tales as is your won’t in this too. Good luck!

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  11. All the best Varad..this is my maiden A-Z as well… and I do agree it would be great to have a list of 20 like-minded bloggers..visiting 350+ blogs is humanly not possible..

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    1. Thanks, Balaka. I’d rather read, follow and comment properly on twenty or so blogs than do a hack-job by posting insincere comments on a lot of blogs. All the best for your maiden attempt at AtoZ as well.

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