A Donkey


A Buffalo

parade before the sheep

staking claim

to rule


Says the buffalo,

Brothers and friends

I’m one of you

You’ve given me a chance

Give me one more

I’ll make sure

we sheep

roar like lions


The donkey shuffles,

as uncomfortable

as it could ever be

Calls the fallacy

of the Buffalo

as the undeniable truth

Forgets its lines


that it’s just a



The buffalo guffaws

Silly donkey,

How dare you?

Trying to be a lion

Do you even have

A fifty-six inch



The donkey bristles

My great-grandpa was a lion

My grandma was a lion

My pa,

God rest his soul

was a lion

Stupid buffalo

I’ll lead the sheep

It’s my destiny


Listen Donkey,

I’ve introduced

many schemes

Made the sheep

feel lions’ pride

Idiotic ass

Just because

your forefathers claimed

to be lions

Wouldn’t change

your genes


Useless buffalo,

Your history is

Painted with sheep blood

How dare you

claim to be

One of them?


Blood in my history

Blood money in yours

Don’t you know that

Money talks?

Naïve donkey

Hung up on

Escape velocity

of the untouchable sheep!


Blind stubborn buffalo

Harping on your

flopped ideas

and fundamentalism!

Fudging GDP

and economic growth

Money’s still black

like the insides

of your saffron coated heart

Yet here you are

thumping your fifty-six inch chest

to a tune

that isn’t the truth!


The sheep bleat

in  characteristic chorus

Is our fate so pitiful?

Reduced to vote for

A donkey


A buffalo,


saviors of sheep

surrounded by hyenas,

to lead us?



Ideals be damned!

Issues be damned!

Sheep be damned!

When did it become

a Sophie’s choice?

All we could is

bleat and be civil

Accept the black ink and

select the

Lesser of two EVILS!