One Love [Prompt: Three’s A Crowd]

There was once a man

who fell in love

with his smartest partner yet

a black beauty

she of ethereal glow

and a smooth body

perfect contours in tow


Her knowledge was vast

and her voice sweet

She gave him what he wanted

He thought life was

oh-so neat!


His wife hated him

He neglected her a lot

Took their kids and left

She let him to rot


Our hero didn’t care,

now that

he had more time to spare

He spent his days locked

inside his room with

the one he loved

Two is company, but

Three’s a crowd


They played games together

and read a lot of books

She knew all the recipes

as long as he was the cook


She sang to him and

made him sing too

She wasn’t selfish

She let him chat up

other women too


His friends stopped calling

He didn’t bother a jot

Blinded by his love

A man they forgot


One day his heart failed

She tried everyone

No one responded

Maybe, they didn’t care


And that’s how they found him

Dead and alone

Lying next to him

His one truelove,

his  precious 




  1. What a shame that she couldn’t save his life even after spending so much time with him! But such is life. We need friends and family too. Loved these verses telling the story with a message, Varad!

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    1. That’s the problem, we don’t pause to consider that the smartphone is just a device and not an integral part of our lives. Sad reflection of our society, including mine.


  2. Too Good Varad. Didn’t expect it to be a smartphone. Was wondering if this isn’t a lady who can this be. This is indeed a reality of most of the relationships today. Sadly true.

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    1. In my language, there is a saying that ‘even nectar can turn into poison if consumed in large quantities.’ That’s exactly what is happening with our generation and technology. Thanks for the comment, Suzy.


    1. I guess it’s the present reality. We are quick to point fingers at others’ addiction before realizing that we ourselves have crossed the point of no return as far as mobiles are concerned. Thanks for the comment 🙂


  3. It was great fun to read it the second time after learning who the black beauty was. 🙂 Especially because I wanted to know what this line meant – ‘She knew all the recipes as long as he was the cook’.

    On a serious note, a thought-provoking post!

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  4. What you say is true. Smartphones are becoming an pandemic of addiction. Now with fake news/videos it has become dangerous too. So many innocent people getting killed in the streets. It is quite a monster. Great take on the prompt. Liking your turn for the poetry. Thumbs up!


  5. Your twists are superb. Keep them coming 🙂
    Dont know if the twist in the beginning when you realize the smartest partner is a mistress and not the wife , was intended or no….but it got me. So did the unexpected ending.


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