#WordSante – Let the blog love begin


Feel free to add the badge to your posts. 🙂

Hey fellow writers,

Right off the bat let me join my better half, fellow writer and partner in crime, Namy (@Namysaysso) in welcoming you all to WordSante – a fortnightly linkup party aimed at creating and providing a platform for you, the writer, to display your work.

Sante in Kannada means ‘market’. So this is a market for the written word. You might wonder ‘What? Yet another linkup party?’ or ‘I’m already involved with quite few such linkups. Where will I go for content for one more such linkup?’

The simple answer is ‘Your blog’. WordSante is an open for all platform where you can link your blog post written maybe even 10 years ago. Let me give you an example. When I decided to create a blog for my stories, the first post I wrote was a two-part story. Now I have quite few followers and my posts are getting read but what about my first ever post? The short, sad answer is till date it has received a solitary view and that is from my wife. Because of the lack of attention, I never got around writing the second part of the story.

I’m pretty sure that most bloggers would have faced similar issues. That’s where WordSante comes in.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is a blogger. Is fiction your forte? Link your story here. Do you pen poems? You are most welcome to join. Or is Non-fiction your cup of tea? WordSante welcomes you with open arms.

Any Rules?

Just the basics.

  1. Link your posts.
  2. Link back to the hosts.
  3. Follow us on twitter. We’ll follow you back, promise. 😀
  4. Read, enjoy, like, share and comment other’s posts as well. Blog love is the best.
  5. Please avoid erotica and promotional posts.
  6. There is no word limit. But it would be preferable if the length is reasonable.
  7. Genre no bar.
  8. There are no prompts. You have a post which you want to be read? Just link up.
  9. Tweet and promote.

Any other doubt? Feel free to drop a comment here or tweet your query. We’ll make sure to get back to you.

Much Love,





    1. Thank you, Radhika. We believe that ‘Every post deserves to be read’ and #WordSante is just a small initiative towards that. Welcome on board.

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  1. Reblogged this on Stories and more and commented:
    Yohoo fellow bloggers here’s something that is exactly what one’s dusty old ignored but beautiful posts have been waiting for – a fresh lease of life. Read on and join the refreshing initiative by Varad and Namrata

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  2. Intriguing concept but I’m not sure I want to drag out too many old blog posts. As a fiction writer, I think I’m better now than I was at the beginning, so I’d be more likely to want to showcase more recent works.

    Seriously, all I have to do is add a link here in an old story and that’s how it works?


    1. Yup! That’s about it. I understand that we get better as we move further forward, but I’m sure every writer would have few posts they might have written sometime back that they feel wouldn’t have got the reach. This linkup is just to create a platform to resurrect those posts and also for linking up posts that are not written for any prompts but just for the pleasure of writing them.

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