#MicroMondays – Edition 1

Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy!

Welcome one and all to the crazy world of #MicroMondays?

Wait! Micro-what?

#MicroMondays is a weekly Micro Fiction challenge designed by yours truly and my partner in crime Namy (@Namysaysso).

Yet another fiction challenge? Yes.

Yet another microfiction challenge? Yes.

Yet another linky party? Yes.

Well what’s new? Glad you asked.

#MicroMondays is a challenge in which you are expected to write a microfiction for the prompt we provide every Monday.

Sounds easy, right?

Of course, it’s easy. But there are two rules which are sacrosanct for your #MicroMondays entries.

  1. Word Count: Each week, we define a word count. Your #MicroMondays entries should confirm exactly to the word count.
  2. Prompt: The prompt will not be a photo prompt, but a sentence. You are expected to use the prompt ‘Verbatim’.

Interesting? You bet.

Now how are the prompts selected? That’s the fun part. Each week, I would take a book from the 500+ books in my library and flip open a random page between 20 and 75 and pick a sentence from that page for your prompt. The page number would define the word count. For example… Naah! let’s jump right into the prompt.

For the first ever edition of #MicroMondays, we have with us the book BANGALORE CHRONICLES: A KIDNAP by Vinay Ramakrishna. I have opened page 25 (ding! ding! ding! we have a winner!) and picked the following sentence for your prompt.


So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking on your microfiction of exactly 25 words including the above prompt used verbatim. (That means no he/she/they was/were/are/is curious too). The prompt can be used at the beginning, middle or end of your microfiction.

Some Basic Rules:

  1. You know the ones about word count and prompt usage by now
  2. Tag your post titles with #MicroMondays
  3. Tweet your posts linking with the hosts @VaradharajanR and @Namysaysso and the hashtag #MicroMondays.
  4. Linkup your posts with the inlinkzlink provided.
  5. The linkup will be open till midnight of the 19th. So, hurry up. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Request your posts be below ‘R’ rating.
  7. Genre no bar. But just to spice up things, future challenges might come up with a genre requirement. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Mild profanity allowed
  9. Read, like, comment and promote your fellow writers’ posts. Sharing is caring.
  10. Grab the badge below and display it proudly in your post.
  11. Enjoy the crazy ride.

First Haiku-2


  1. Thank you for inviting me to this place, Varad!
    I used to dabble in fiction, once upon a time, but then quit as I got carried away by my non fiction blog.
    I guess this is just a sign that I need to get back to fiction and learn to enjoy life a bit more!


  2. Will the prompt be posted earlier or would that also come out only on Monday? Boy, 25 words seems so tough! Heading over to read some!


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