Covfefe – #MicroMondays 11

They said the ozone layer deteriorated so fast that Antarctica melted in a year. Australia went down under. There are people on streets with skin cancer. My daughter, the old cow, placed the blame for everything squarely on my decisions regarding climate change. Then I started thinking about the butterfly effect. I shrug! As usual,... Continue Reading →


#MicroMondays – 11

Hi there, Welcome back to yet another edition of #MicroMondays. For the 11th edition, we have the prompt from Stephen King's 11.22.63 THEN I STARTED THINKING ABOUT THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT The magic number for this week is 62. Your 62 word story must use the above prompt VERBATIM. Tag your post titles with #MicroMondays Tweet your posts... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – 10

Greetings, Welcome to the 10th edition of #MicroMondays. I know that participation has been a bit dwindling, but as long as there is even one entry #MicroMondays will continue. I would also appreciate if you guys can suggest ways to get more people writing for #MicroMondays. The more, the merrier right? That being said, the... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – 9

Howzit ma people! Welcome to the 9th edition of #MicroMondays. This week, we are giving you 54 words + the full prompt to play with. The book in consideration is First Thrills - An Anthology of short stories. We have selected the prompt from the story The Bodyguard by Lee Child (Jack Reacher fame) The prompt is ALL STAYED... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – 8

Greetings folks, Last week was pretty hectic for me in terms of work related travel and I barely got time to sit in front of my laptop. I'm pretty sure that my partner in crime, Namy, would have set a challenging enough prompt for you for the 7th edition of MicroMondays, This week, the prompt... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays 7

Hey all, I'm traveling for the next few days for work, but fear not - # MicroMondays edition 7 is up and running thanks to my awesome partner in crime, Namy. Please find the prompt and other details here I'll be sure to join in with my entry real soon. Cheers, Varad

#MicroMondays – 6

Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome back to #MicroMondays. This week, we are going to focus in the word 'Micro' and we are going to challenge you to write the shortest story so far in #MicroMondays history.  That's right, this week's word count is going to just '21' and that's including the prompt. Ready? This week's prompt... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – 5

Aloha! What makes writing fiction to prompts special? Whether the prompt is a picture, or a single word or as in true #MicroMondays style - a sentence from a book, it's undoubtedly the interpretation of the prompt that makes it special. For the same prompt, one can write in a variety of genres ranging from... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – 4

Bienvenidos! Today I was watching a really good movie about the first ever African American to play in the Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, on Amazon Prime and the it hit me that I had to get the prompt ready for the 4th edition of #MicroMondays. I looked up at the movie title and this... Continue Reading →

Black & White – #MicroMondays

‘Why have I been called by your class teacher?’ Aryan mumbled, ‘I hit a boy in my class, dad.’ ‘Why?’ ‘He called me by a bad word, Dad!’ ‘It happens, Aryu. Did you explain to him what he said was wrong?’ ‘No!’ ‘You should have. Good and bad do exist in everyone, kiddo. You just... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays Edition 3

Namaskar! Welcome to the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays. We had fourteen entries to the 2nd edition ranging from Romantic grannies to romantic Sherlock, from lost toys to lost strawberries. It's awesome to see the same prompt being interpreted in many different ways. For the 3rd edition of #MicroMondays we have Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations With... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – Edition 2

Hola! Welcome to the 2nd edition of #MicroMondays. We had quite the blast with the first ever edition - with the prompt 'I AM CURIOUS TOO' inspiring participants to write about cats and mice, tarrot card readers and people planning to dash headlong into caves and woods and marriages 😛 This week's prompt has been... Continue Reading →

#MicroMondays – Edition 1

Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Welcome one and all to the crazy world of #MicroMondays? Wait! Micro-what? #MicroMondays is a weekly Micro Fiction challenge designed by yours truly and my partner in crime Namy (@Namysaysso). Yet another fiction challenge? Yes. Yet another microfiction challenge? Yes. Yet another linky party? Yes. Well what's new? Glad you asked. #MicroMondays... Continue Reading →

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