#MicroMondays – 4


Today I was watching a really good movie about the first ever African American to play in the Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, on Amazon Prime and the it hit me that I had to get the prompt ready for the 4th edition of #MicroMondays.

I looked up at the movie title and this week’s challenge just sorted itself out. The movie’s name was ’42’, and hey, we cannot talk about 42 and not think of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’ I pulled the book out, flipped to the 42nd page and presto! We have our prompt.



Seems like 42 is indeed the answer! 😀

Thanks for everyone who participated in the previous challenges.

Get in your 42 word Microfiction with the above prompt used Verbatim.

    1. You know the ones about word count and prompt usage by now.
    2. Tag your post titles with #MicroMondays
    3. Tweet your posts linking with the hosts @VaradharajanR and @Namysaysso and the hashtag #MicroMondays.
    4. Linkup your posts with the inlinkz provided.
    5. The linkup will be open till midnight of the 9th. So, hurry up. 🙂
    6. Request your posts be below ‘R’ rating.
    7. Genre no bar. But just to spice up things, future challenges might come up with a genre requirement. 😉
    8. Mild profanity allowed
    9. Read, like, comment and promote your fellow writers’ posts. Sharing is caring.



My Entry for #MicroMondays 4: THE SAVIOR

They called him their savior.

His grin grew with each complement.

She was gorgeous; and left at the altar.

His lucky day!

He’d agreed to marry her.

A sudden commotion.

The girl had fled this time.

The room folded flat around him.  




  1. Love the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Excellent use of the prompt with an usual unique twist with the way you used the line to express a feeling, rather than the room actually falling on him. I really like the “His lucky day!” too in the middle. Builds euphoria just have the walls come crashing down on him immediately afterwards, evoking sympathy. And not so lucky after all! Well done indeed 🙂


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