Too Much of Anything… – FFfAW137


‘The children are expected to follow the rules and regulations of our institution very strictly.’

Abraham smiled at the stern looking woman who droned on, ‘There’s a copy of the rules on every wall, stuck at a height, convenient for children of all ages to read.’

‘Very well, Mrs. Shrivastava.’

‘Mr. Abraham, as someone new to teaching profession, you should understand that discipline alone can help mould the easily impressible minds of the children.’

‘But, Mrs. Shrivastava, don’t you think too much of anything is bad?’

‘Nonsense! Who said such a thing?’

‘Mark Twain did. Though, he did add something about good whiskey to the quote.’ Abraham grinned good-naturedly.

‘Mr. Abraham, as your senior in this profession, you should heed my advice. This is a place to impart knowledge and not someplace where you can joke around.’

Abraham looked at the children walking morosely in a single file towards the bathroom. He saw the rules stuck onto the nearby wall. Beneath the notice, a cheeky kid had drawn a smiley with chalk.

Abraham smiled. These children still had hope.

Many thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting the weekly FFfAW. Today is the 137th edition. Image credit Grant – Sud. Please find other entries here.

Word Count: 175

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    1. Guess only the corporal punishment part has gone out of vogue. Otherwise, same old same old mostly. Thanks for the comment, Neel.


    1. As Andy Dufresne (well, Stephen King actually :D) puts it so eloquently, ‘Hope is a good thing, sometimes the best of things.’ Thanks for the comment, Akshata.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great character portrayal, Varad.
    I have had the privilege of meeting more than a few Mrs. shrivastava’s during my school days but Mr. Abraham is among the rare treasures.
    Wonderful story, Varad

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In most cases, the Mr. Abrahams are myths. It was either the sticklers for rules or the ones who didn’t care. Hope the trend is changing these days.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol… whenever I hear or read anything stressing too much on the need for discipline, I think about this movie. (It could also be a result of watching it more than four times…)


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