F is for Finish – #AtoZ2018

‘As both the accused are under eighteen years of age, this court is bound by the Juvenile Justice Act of 2015 and will recommend a specially convened Juvenile Justice board including leading Psychologists, Sociologists, Criminologists and social workers to determine whether the aforementioned accused be tried under the Indian Penal Code as adults.’

The Honorable Judge banged his gavel, ‘The next hearing is set for May 31st, fifteen days from now. Until then, the accused shall be housed at the Juvenile rehabilitation centre. The Police shall not be allowed to meet the defendants without the presence of their lawyers and a member of the Juvenile Justice board. The court is adjourned.’

The two teenagers grinned at each other and looked triumphantly at their families. They were represented by the top most criminal lawyer in the country, who had absolutely no qualms in fighting the cases of known scum as long as the money was right. The defendants had nothing to worry about – their families came from old money and had deep pockets and connections.

Inspector Kuriakose sighed and beckoned his assistant to follow him out.

‘Looks like a gone case, Sir!’ Sub-Inspector Madhu spat into the ground.

‘Looks like it, Madhu! The law is the law. What are we mere mortals before it? Everyone has to obey the words in black and white,’ Kuriakose casually lighted a cigarette for himself and offered one to SI Madhu.

‘Really, Sir? If the law is so impartial, why were those two little pieces of shit grinning and the parents of that little girl crying?’

‘The law is impartial, Madhu. But there are a lot of loopholes and their lawyer sure knows each and every one of them.’

‘So, that is it? Two rich boys rape and murder a little girl and they’ll be tried as juveniles. Three to six months of rehabilitation will be their punishment. Some fair punishment.’

‘Don’t get excited, Madhu. The Juvenile Justice Board is yet to review the case. They can determine that these two may be tried as adults.’

‘Haha! You must be joking, Sir! They already know who’s going to be on the committee. The game is already fixed, Sir.’



‘Yeah! Those two kids, you’ve read their casefile right?’

‘Yes, Sir!’

‘What are their hobbies? Are they members of any clubs? Where do they spend their weekends at?’

‘Typical rich brats routine, Sir. Friday nights at La Sombra Pub, Horse riding every Saturday morning at the Turf Club, Saturday night raves along the coastline, Sunday afternoons at the gun range, Long drives with a bevy of young and drunk girls…’

‘Do you mean to say they can handle a handgun?’

‘Yes, Sir! They are quite good. In fact, they are in the top 1%…’ Madhu let his words trail into silence and grinned instead.

‘This evening, Sir?’

‘This evening!’ Kuriakose flicked his cigarette away, clapped Madhu on his shoulders and walked away.

That night’s news reports flashed the story of how the two teenagers who were implicated in the rape and murder of a thirteen-year-old girl were gunned to death as they tried escaping Police custody. The reporter announced in a somber voice about Sub Inspector Madhu, who was injured in the resulting shoot out.

Kuriakose switched off the TV, lit a cigarette, and sipped his brandy.


  1. Can’t talk for this one in real sense when everybody is flawed and thinks what they are doing is right but what I can say for sure is a brilliant story well written


  2. Glad to know that the second part is inspired by real event. Well written Varad. Quite sad a reality that there are way too many loopholes that are easily used, and people easily walk away from many heinous crimes, even if their crimes are as clear as a day.


  3. Well, Great ending! I do believe that one has to be careful when dealing with juvenile delinquency. But allowing rich spoilt brats to get away with everything only encourages them more.


    1. That case made the judicial system rewrite the juvenile justice act. Both parts of the story are inspired by real events. Justice does get served from time to time. Thanks always, Sonia


    1. Thanks, Tina. You’ll be glad to know that the second part is inspired by real events. For every corrupt police, there is an equal amount who take pride in what they do. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Tasha. No judicial system is perfect nor can they be made perfect. We have to do the best with what we have. If that entails operating in the gray areas sometimes, then so be it.


  4. I should not say this but this was fair. Game for a brutal game. This is very close to real varad. Many such boys escape the punishment just for being below 16. Although their deeds are as bad as a criminal.

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  5. This is the right decision..and I wish all police officers can do this. How could a rapist come under juvenile section? Our law is blind. Thanks a lot for writing such story highlighting one of our major social issues.

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    1. There have been concerted efforts to try juveniles as adults in cases like rape/ murder etc., especially after the nirbhaya case. For me it’s very simple, you do a crime worthy of an adult, you deserve punishment worthy of one too. Thanks for the comment, Sayeri.


  6. Very clever writing and all so vivid, Varad. Plays like a movie in my minds eye. Very nicely done indeed.


    April Anecdotes
    Far Far Away

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    1. There was a similar case a few years ago. Two small kids were kidnapped for money and then later killed by the kidnappers. The Police Commissioner took a decision to encounter them. It created a big sensation, but the public was overwhelming in their support of the Police. I was inspired by that incident to write this. Thanks for the comment, Shilpa.

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    1. Both the crime and punishment parts of this story has been inspired by real life events. Thanks for the comment, Namy.


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